Tuesday, December 28, 2004

How do we stop crackcocaine?

Is crackcocaine like a car? Is crackcocaine like a child acting up? Is crackcocaine like a flowing river? Is crackcocaine like a running back on a championship football team? HOW DO WE STOP CRACKCOCAINE?
When we look at crackcocaine like any of the above situations it too can be stopped. We tend to complicate crackcocaine. Treatment centers really have not got a clue as to what and how to conquer crackcocaine. They ARE experts in "arresting addiction", but we know that crackcocaine is way more than just substance abuse and or addiction. Crackcocaine contaminates and possesses your body, soul and spirit. Does anyone have a better description for this horrible insidious stuff? Oh, you say it is a disease of addiction and the "cure" is going to meetings and getting a sponsor? Why is this disease so easily "cured"? Just go to meetings and call your sponsor and all is cured. BUT...if you miss a meeting or do not call your sponsor...the disease is back? Where did it go? I suppose if you do not take prescribed medication for a disease, it would come back too! How do we stop crackcocaine?
We stop crackcocaine by attacking crack. We stop crackcocaine by making a decision that absolutely no more money, no more time, and no more lies will ever go to crack again. There, plain and simple. But it cannot be that simple. Yes it can and is. But, but...it is so hard to stop! Wah-WAh. Yes it is hard to stop. In fact it might just be the single most difficult thing you will ever do outside of dealing with death. Of course death and crack are best friends. Maybe not in the flesh death sense, but most definently in the spiritual sense. Then we find that when we are spiritually dead, flesh death is not far behind, kinda just waiting to pounce, waiting for the right moment that is more than likely to be out of place and before your life mission is complete.
HOW DO WE STOP CRACKCOCAINE? Just like a traffic light. It turns red and we stop, right? Or we get a citation for our error. With crackcocaine there is no citation with a fine to pay and all goes away. Crackcocaine penetrates life in all aspects. The evil penetration from crackcocaine is the same evil penetration that will cause you to fly planes into buildings killing thousands of people. The difference is one is taught and lived from birth, the other is self induced. So we must be very quiet, it cannot be crack that does that...shhhhhh! Hey they were brought up like that and smoking crack cannot be that evil. It is that evil. Just look around and look at the statistics. Treatment programs that claim 83% success rate are saying that WHILE in their facility the person worked the program and upon exiting the program will maintain being clean? For how long? If the truth be told (and it is not) almost ALL crackheads smoke crack again. A VERY small percent stop forever. No one wants you to know this. Then no one will go to these places and the money dries up and the facility closes.
1. Seperate the "crack" person and the person.
2. Expose crackcocaine in ALL aspects regardles of who finds out and now knows.
3. If meetings and sponsors help, then use them and go to meetings.
4. Find a church that uses the BIBLE as their road map.
5. TELL THE TRUTH. "Honesty means never having to remember what you said"!
6. DIRECT DEPOSIT. Have ZERO money access...period.
7. Read Romans 7:14-20
8. Do not allow ANY crackthought more that 2.5 seconds of time in your mind.
9. Realize it is not if...BUT...when the overwhelming urges are coming. HAVE A PLAN READY.
10. Be safe with safe people 24/7
11. Change jobs and change locations if needed to seperate your life and the closeness of crack.
12. Light your cigarettes from the stove and DO NOT go to the store for matches.
13. Find a website that offers no hope and says give up on the person...then we seem really good.
14. Admit you are a CRACKHEAD and say this outloud to anyone.
15. Pray ONCE for temptation resisting power over crackcocaine and believe it WILL happen.
16. Proclaim: Crackcocaine IS the devilscandy and I believe IT IS out to kill my life and me.
17. DAILY REMINDER: Crackcocaine and prison inmate have the same amount of letters.
18. Get and do our 75 Day Program.
19. Frequent www.devilscandy.com and www.crackcocainerecovery.com for consistent help.
20. DO EXACTLY WHAT The Devils Candy Ministry Services suggests. Otherwise you are
responsible for your own crackhell!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day after Christmas and Day 76 go together.

Ok day after Christmas now what do we do? Ok I completed the 75 Days now what do I do? Both of these days have either a big let down or a big sigh of relief. All the gifts that need returning and the tree needs to be brought out to the street along with cleaning up the house with all the boxes and wrap and toys! Day 76 is just another day free from crack. This is the same effort as returning gifts. The waiting in lines, finding the correct "new" gift or even just remembering where the reciept is. Day 76 is just like finding that reciept. It takes work and patience and yes even a little luck. Can we expect luck with crackcocaine? When we make enough "deposits" in the doing what we are supposed to be doing account, then we can make a withdrawl without overdrawing our account. Luck involving crack comes from "attacking crack". If we just give in and give up because it IS so difficult, then crack wins. If we get an attitude towards "finishing up" Christmas with all the returns and cleaning and this attitude is out front, we loose because we will rob our children of the JOY in Christmas. If our children see us struggling with patience, then they too will struggle. When we do not expose crack in all ways including "what do we do on day 76", then the enemy slips in un-noticed. Day 76 is just like Day 1, just another day crackfree. We go right to Day 1 again and start the process again and we do this until "WE GET IT RIGHT"! We do not care if this takes a few times or many times or many, many times. We do what it takes to get it right. We do whatever it takes to get Christmas together for the kids to feel the joy of Christ being born. We do whatever it takes to get our life and joy back so our loved one's can enjoy who God created us to be...and that is not a person smoking crackcocaine. We find celebration in the birth of Christ...we find celebration in "attacking crack". When we share the joy of Christmas, we find freedom from life's evil. When we expose crackcocaine, we find freedom from crackcocaine. The reason these two subjects are together in the same paragraph is, if we would just accept the true meaning of Cristmas and when we do, Christmas seems more rich, more deep, more meaning. If we would just accept that crackcocaine IS the devilscandy and act upon this belief, then freedom from crackcocaine seems real, feels possible, truly becomes clearer and life without crackcocaine is a reality.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Attacking Crack"

When we know what we are supposed to do and then do not do it, who is responsible for the crackhell? When we finish our 75 day program, what next? When we get the "Holiday" spirit to smoke crackcoaine, do we? We cannot promise anyone anything when it comes to crackfreedom. We CAN get you to a point where it is just a temptation and NOT a possession anymore...but what about day 76? Well, first you must to listen to what we say and ACT accordingly. No crackhead will get better in just 5 weeks. Oh they should be showing progress, but to let them weasel their way back into the house when they did in fact only do 1 thing to "attack crack" in those 5 weeks. Well they sounded better. They said they were tired of crack. They mentioned that the quanity was way less lately so it will be easy to NOT use. I know what I have to do. I am ready now...but...I must be able to run my game on you such as do what I want when I want with whom I want where I want because I deserve SOMETHING. I mean I worked REAL hard at quitting crack over the last 5 weeks. So when I want to just hang-out, it is no big deal so do not bother me over this small item of behavior. I can have anyone call me, email me, text message me in any form at any time for any reason, after all I know what to do about this crackthing! Rules? Like what? Oh how about being accountable for EVERY minute of the day. Oh how about being accountable to EVERY phone call I make and recieve (just in case it MIGHT be the crackdealer). Oh how about being accountable for EVERY dime and penny just in case "the money" should allow for easy access to crackcocaine. But hey, you know what to do...you have attacked crackcocaine 1 time in five weeks! You are now a CRACKSPERT! A know-it-all crackhead! Now that makes for a great chance of freedom from the possession of crackcocaine on your body, soul and spirit. But hey, you know all there is to know on "attacking crack"! Let's see...we have a crackhead who supposedly did not smoke crackcocaine for the 5 weeks they were gone...and they promised to go from the bus when they got back and go right from that bus to a treatment center for at least 28 days...and they came back and went right home and in just a short time the pattern started again because they were asked to be accountable on who is calling them...oh yeah they know what to do about this crackthing and that is definently not being accountable. After all why should they? They know what to do. Do you? Apparently not. Let me recap again...a crackhead NOT willing to do WHATEVER it takes to stop the madness...no...no...no wait a minute!...I think this time it is the non-crackhead. But hey why should you follow all the things this ministry says to you? The crackhead knows what to do about this crackthing. Use and abuse you once again, and again, and again! Until YOU get really pissed at crackcocaine and will "attack crack" 24/7 for as long as it takes to either: #1 leave and find a life without a crackhead to deal with..or #2 stay strong so the crackhead has a chance to find freedom instead of once again maipulating the situation so the crack and you can stay. One HAS GOT TO GO!! You decide. Stay and "attack crack" 24/7, or go to a non-crack life. Those are the 2 choices. Your emotional weakness will not allow crackfreedom. It is NOT Your fault, but it is your responsibility to "attack crack" if that is what you decided to do. And if that is your decision then STOP giving in to the crackhead...until they have daily progress that can be seen and felt...DAILY...do not give in. Being lonely will not help a crackhead find peace and freedom. Being lonely is a choice. Being a victim of crackcocaine is also a choice. Maybe we should focus on your inability to make right choices. Instead of directing the energy towards crack, I suspect a lot of "other" choices go in an incorrect direction. Helping a crackhead sucks! SUCKS BIGTIME!! BUT...if your decision is to make the choice to stay and be a soldier in "attacking crack", then do EXACTLY what is said to you as far as HOW TO get a crackhead going in the right direction. YOU CANNOT be weak. GET REALLY PISSED-OFF AT CRACKCOCAINE...REALLY PISSED! So pissed off at crackcocaine you will stop at NOTHING and not let some weak words, promises, or love emotions get in the way of your decision to make that choice of "attacking crack". CRACK-IS-CRACK...SAD but TRUE!! Now do what your heart tells you to do not your mind...YOUR heart KNEW NOT to let him into the home again...but you emotions said I hope it will be OK...I want it to be OK....it can be. There is always hope until death does its thing. Make the RIGHT choices not the comfortable one's.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas and Crack-Cocaine

When we take the "Christ" out of Christmas it has zero meaning. When we take the crack out of crack-cocaine, people think it is just "cocaine", and "cocaine" is recreational and not addictive and certainly NOT possessive. Why do we allow Christmas to go on as just a "happy hoilday", or "season's greetings"? This is a celebration for the birth and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not just a "happy season of holiday greetings"! The hectic gift giving already gets us in the wrong direction away from the true meaning of Christmas. Cocaine is not the problem, crack is. Then why do we say cocaine or drugs when it is crack-cocaine. It cannot be crack. Hey "season greetings" is just another way of saying Merry Christmas. Why not say that then? Why not say crack-cocaine like it is one word...CRACKCOCAINE. In fact that will be the new way I will write this word. I have made a decision to say Merry Christmas and NOT say the "other" two ways I mentioned before. What is amazing is when we take a stand for something, those that ridicule mean zero and those that agree are part of the team that can conquer anything. Alexander "the great" was against ALL odds and overcame them. The softer, politically correct approach to Christmas so all can be included and not be offended by the name "Christ" in Christmas are the same morons who do not, will not, cannot or just won't attack crackcocaine. Instead their politicaly correct way is to go to a meeting or accept that you are powerless over crackcocaine and will go for the rest of their life in recovery waiting for "the relapse" around the next corner. Of course if all meetings were attended and all the calls made to sponsors were done, no one would ever relapse. How about believing that crackcocaine is the devil's candy. How about believing Christmas is all about Christ. How about taking a stand for these two things. If we believe in Christ ALL things are possible. So if your are addicted to 12 step meetings and believe that your "higher power" is a chair, or person, or the people around those tables, then you will only arrest your powerlessness over crackcocaine. When you believe crackcocaine is the devil's candy, and Christ is the answer and power over crackcocaine, you will conquer crackcocaine. It is just THAT simple. Snap...just like that!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Is it REALLY crack-cocaine?

Well...he is not smoking as much as he used too! Living in a Crack-Hotel with a crack-ho living the crack-life is just so wonderful. I had a great job. I had a great wife. My kids are great too! Funny thing is I do not know who they are or who I am! Oh wait, that's right-"I am not a crack-head, I haven't smoked crack in three weeks except for today. Besides that, I am not on DRUGS. My life is going good. I lost my job, left my wife and kids, exist with a woman who loves crack and hey, I have convinced my entire family that they are crazy and everything is F.I.N.E., it is not crack or at least not as much, so what's the big deal?"
The big deal is your a liar, cheat and a completely possessed crack-head. I know when we are completely possessed by crack, we feel hopeless. This is not an admitted feeling though. We are 10 feet tall and bazooka proof when we smoke crack. When in reality we are a micrscopic ameba in a pond of lies and despair. The despair associated with crack-cocaine is so deep it will actually paint or bring a picture of life and crack together. Crack and life cannot go together. Oh they do go along for awile side by side...then crack statrs to make its move. Once it has progressed to possession, the cloud of evil surrounding people who use crack, or in language of truth..."crack-heads", is so thick and decieving it will blind all around it and convince life that crack can come along. It is pathetic to watch a person's life be destroyed by crack. So sad. The amazing thing to me still to this day is how "crack-life" can convince so many people that either it is not crack, or that they are not using drugs and could and never would do "stuff" like "that" and that everyone else is crazy and life is just hectic right now and the job has issues and my spouse is just spewing because I am NOT smoking crack so whatever all the "weird" circumstances are, are just that "weird circumstances" and I realy do not know what you are talking about. All the Mom's who cannot admit their baby might be a crack-head. All the Dad's who keep trying to fix the problem with money. All the spouses who want to be "the crack" in their wondering "other" spouses life instead of actual crack! What a f 'ing mess crack-cocaine causes!! No way...shhhhhhhhh. it is not crack....shhhhhhh. Why crack? Because crack-cocaine is the devil's candy. Has anyone got a better description for this stuff? Crack-cocaine is what it is and does what it does simply to destroy life from the inside out. That is why it is so difficult. It contaminates and then possesses from the inside. The smoke from crack is Lucifer's breathe going straight inside your body. What a great gimmick he has got to possess souls. Smoke this candy and...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Crack-Cocaine Behavior - "It's not crack it's just things in my life are so tough right now"!

Aren't we all sick of crappy behaviors So when a person stays out all night and has no food in the refridgerator, and cable is shut-off and we continually buy from Goodwill instead of striving for new "things" in life that we can in fact call "our own", and our car is a mess inside and we go through it for hours with such a "tweaking" and find nothing that we really were not looking for anyway, and the constant "chattering" with questions of complete irrelevant content just to talk, and go out to get "a book of matches" and get threatened by "crack-dealers" so we give them our car, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on..........and we say this is not crack behavior? So does crack-behavior come only when we smoke crack? Who knows for sure, do you? "It's not crack, I was just sick yesterday...AGAIN". Seems people are sick a lot with 18 hour bugs. Weird. We are late for work because we overslept, I think the power went out or something! Ever heard of a wind up alarm clock? Why are your eyes bugging out and so red? "Oh that is because this time of the year with all the 'christmas trees' and their "sap" branches and oh yeah the "pine needles" gets my eyes going. I must be alergic to "Christmas Trees". Must be. What is weird though, is when we pass "pine needles" other times of the year and in different locations, this does not seem to happen. "Oh, it is the christmas "pine needles". Oh, I see. How stupid of me not to realize that insane statement. Hey, let me ask you...does anyone REALLY believe that crap? Oh, you do. Well I do not. Crack behavior sucks...even if it is the "non-using" crack-behavior. I AM NOT A CRACK-HEAD. I HAVE NOT SMOKED ANY CRACK IN THREE WEEKS...EXCEPT FOR TODAY!! Another crack-head behavior, but it is not crack....ssshhhh!!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


>Behind every successful man stands a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law. -Brooks Hays >Fathers are pals nowadays because they do not have the guts to be fathers. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
>Do not wait for your ship to come in. Row out to meet it. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
>If a care is too small to be turned into a prayer, it is too small to be made into a burden< "Casting all your cares upon him: for he careth for you"...1 Peter 5:7 >Those who deserve love the least need it the most< "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curses you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you"...Matthew 5:44 >Your words are windows to your heart< "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh...Matthew 12:34 ...these quips are from the Devil's Candy book- some quips of unknown origin...
>We need to know God's truth to expose Lucifer's lies< >Regardless of our pasts, we, too, can learn to trust God if we will only let go< >Afflictions are often God's best blessings in disguise< >Dear God, Please help me be the person that my dog thinks I am< >Happiness IS a choice< >If it don't apply, let it fly< >Instead of counting your days, make each day count< >Grief is a profound part of recovery< >Discipline means taking responsibility for our behavior and the consequences< >Take time to think of where you are going, or you might not like where you end up< We must think about how to stop crack-cocaine. We cannot just live life as a crack-head and then decide to not be a crack-head and do this without a plan of attack against crack. If we think we can just trust our "intentions" we will fall into the crack-trap. The crack-trap is messy. Our Belief #3 states: "We believe we all experience the "crack-trap" both mentally and physically". So this says both mentally and physicaly which translates into completely. Crack-cocaine COMPLETELY dominates all life that is near, involved with or surrounded by crack in any form whether we are using or not. So we must think about HOW to stop the madness of smoking crack-cocaine and not sugar coat any part of gathering your weapons of attack into your arsenal to in fact "attack crack" and find YOUR complete freedom forever from the contamination and possession of crack-cocaine in your body, soul and spirit. You want complete freedom from crack? Do exactly what we TELL you to do. You could do exactly what "THEY" (meaning the fellowship) "suggest" you do and you will also not use. The difference is with "their" methods you will arrest crack and hold it captive for as long as you can, and it is quite possible crack could escape the arresting method just like a criminal could escape their "arresting method". With our statments of facts on how to stop crack in its track...you accomplish true freedom and not just waiting for the next "relapse" because you might have missed a meeting or not calling your sponsor. Crack-cocaine IS the devilscandy, and that is exactly how we deal with this horrible insidious substance. Anything "softer", "nicer" and less "mean" should go to a website that helps with...oh lets say...a person addicted to maybe chocolate or maybe TV or maybe starring at the sun. If you want to "attack crack" because you are sick of the despair from crack, you have found the correct place, people and things to accomplish conquering crack-cocaine. CRACK IS CRACK...SAD BUT TRUE! HOPE IS HEAR NOW! WE ARE "THE CRACK-CONQUERORS".

Friday, December 03, 2004

Crack-heads with money!

So we just get out of jail and we get a job and within two weeks we have some money, somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars. Out of no-where the crack-head says, "Boy am I hungry. I think I will go down to the store and get me some food. Hey, "George"(his brother), can I borrow your truck and go get some food? I will be right back! I promise." What is not revealed, said and reminded is that this is how it should have gone..."Oh and by the way, I am a crack-head fresh out of jail and have over two hundred dollars in my pocket and I just need to use your truck so I can buy some food..OK?" Sure crack-head you can use my vehicle. I trust you and I ESPECIALLY trust crack. Crack is crack...Sad but true! I believe you when you say you will be right back. C ya in a little bit, and can ya bring me some candy? A twixt bar would be great. More like a twist of the mind. Bent so far it seems like no end is in sight. Will this crack-crap ever stop? NOT IF WE LET A CRACK-HEAD FRESH OUT OF JAIL FIRST GO OUT ALONE AND THEN HAVE TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS ON THEM! Is this stupid? No it is not. This is what happens with crack. It is sneaky and overwhelming. The urges take over all of your inner being. Completely dominating your thoughts. More crack, more crack, more crack...more...more...more! Crack is crack...sad but true. DIRECT DEPOSIT. DIRECT DEPOSIT. DIRECT DEPOSIT. These words probably piss off a crack-head more than the words "crack-head". It is because they know that their access to crack is in jeporady. TOO BAD! We need to interupt the crack-cycle. This cannot be done when a crack-head gets money before they are ready to deal with THAT temptation. I did not handle or touch money for the first 6 months...NONE. Then I asked and wanted Camille to handle the money so I could focus on stopping the madness of smoking crack-cocaine instead of fighting the overwhelming urges every second of every day because I had money! It was 2 more YEARS before I started to touch money. Today I handle all the money in our house. Camille and I agree as to how we spend our money and money is not a crack-object or temptation at all. Until this is reached, a crack-head never gets money and has to be willing to direct deposit...NOW.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crack Kids

When we smoke crack, we kill children. If it is not in the physical, it IS in the emotional and spiritual. The exposure to kids is so deeply penetrating, the enemy loves it. The "enemy" you say who might that be? Well, when crack-cocaine enters the kindergarten arena from a child killing a 6 year old classmate with a gun brought from the crack-house home he lived in, and the media goes into their usual mis-guided attempt to focus on the gun and not the crack...it is no wonder children are dying everyday from crack. We do not hear about it though because it is disguised as "abuse", "neglect", too young of a parent and a host of "other" excuses as to why a child might be in a horrible situation surrounded by crack, yet that is NOT why the child has only an existence or none at all as in dead. If we ask ourselves how many crack-heads there really are out there, do we just ignore the fact that children are also around the crack. If this generation of crack-head parents do not stop smoking crack, then how can we expect the innocent children to be able to get this stuff out of their lives. Crack destroys everything. The parents of the 2 month old baby that died because they FORGOT to feed their child is a clear warning that crack-cocaine is the most evil "substance" known to mankind. So what do we do about that? Crack-cocaine needs to be attacked 24/7. We can never let our guard down when it comes to crack. For that baby to die during the Thanksgiving Holiday is disgusting and sick. When we celebrate this Holiday we are supposed to be thankful for what we have, not what we lost or do not have. I am so sickened by this baby dying. I have been free from crack for many several years. Today I attack crack regardless of the negativity expressed by "traditional" and "group fellowship terroists" who are brainwashed into actually believing that "their" way and the 12 step god Bill W.'s way is THE ONLY way to "arrest" their "addiction" to anything. Well...this is such a true fact that those that practice it are blinded by the fact that they ARE "arresting" their "addiction" and that IS all they are doing. The simple fact the we were created by God to have a life of prosperity and freedom to have a life, and that means we were not created to smoke crack-cocaine. This transforms into the FACT that because of this, crack can be conquered for life and we can be crack-free forever from the possession of crack-cocaine simply because this is NOT what God has planned for our live's. The enemy loves it when we complicate crack and catagorize it into "all other substances abuse" and therefore we MUST attend meetings which become an addiction to themselves, but hey this is the only way...right? WRONG.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Agape Love; Crack:Treating Cocaine Addiction;Conquering Crack Cocaine

Agape Love; unconditional love, a perfect feat of balance. Not just a state of mind, but a state of doing. One we often dream of obtaining. One, we can easily assume we live in naturally. Seems most of us do not get the opportunity to practice it.
I stumbled unaware into it. At the time I was so absorbed in the terror and desperation of events, surrounding my crack-head son. Agape Love as a motivation or end result was not even on my mind. Long after the experience, one day while deep into a discussion about my hairdresser’s relationship with his alcoholic father, and my past six years with my crack-head son, he remarked with a tinge of awe and envy, “You have Agape Love for your son”!
from "Agape Love" by Marilyn Forney (Lyon)

Treatment programs have attempted to deal with this, not expanding the cookie cutter to include users and abusers, but by trying to classify all clients as if they are latter-stage alcohol addicts, using standard treatment methods developed for this group. This has not worked well. Now the field faces a need to develop alternative strategies to work with diverse types of addicts and to go beyond the generic treatment methods used with classic gamma alcoholics. It is time to face the challenge of treating the crack addict...the person, not the addiction. A clients total abstinence from drugs does not necessarily mean that the chemical dependency treatment has been successful. Successful recovery involves adequate functioning in daily life. Abstinence is a precursor to functionality, not a substitute for it. Don't impose a treatment on the client. Offer a choice of options. This gives the client a sense of control, even while under direction. Practice and believe in empathy. It is still the leading factor in productive therapeutic relationships. Not long ago, a film entitled "Disease Concept of Alcoholism" was routinely shown in treatment programs in the United States. In this film, a strong argument for the disease concept was presented by a physician who alluded to biochemical research on alcoholism. It was claimed that the brain of an alcoholic is different from that of a nonalcoholic. The alcoholic brain allegedly generates THIQs, which increase a person's compulsion to drink beverage alcohol. Even rats who hate to have a drink will crave booze when injected with these THIQs and THQs, by-products of alcohol metabolism. A frequent interpretation of this film by counselors is that it proves that the etiology of alcoholism is strictly biochemical, hence, is an uncontrollable disease in which the victim or society plays no role in development. This can be a counterproductive assumption because it minimizes the interactive social, cultural, psychological and developmental factors that contribute to the prevalence of a disease. My optimism for controlling this addiction may seem to contradict the Twelve-Step program belief that crack addicts are powerless over crack and alcoholics are powerless over alcohol. It does not conflict. Crack addicts are powerful over crack, but not their addiction to crack. By controlling their drugging, by learned abstinence, the addicts do have power over the addiction. This is the Twelve-Step approach, a Zen paradox: The best way to become strong over crack addiction is to allow yourself to be weak. The best way to become addiction free is to allow yourself to be an addict. from Crack: Treating Cocaine Addiction...by George Medzerian PH.D.
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Conquering crack-cocaine does not involve just the user. It starts with you obtaining knowledge and transforming that into power over how crack-cocaine has entered your life. Then we plant a seed of hope and lovingly from a distance nurture it. While contaminated, a user does not believe that there is any way out. We need to eliminate all the ways this person gets access to money. Never put money in the hands of a person possessed by crack-cocaine, not even a penny. You may have to be drastic, like sleeping with a purse or wallet in a plastic bag for a noise alarm to keep money away from the hands of a crack-head. Leave your valuables in a safe box or at someone else’s house. Camille had to do these type of things long enough to get a grip on the situation so a plan can be executed. Are there pop cans lying around? Take them in yourself. It only takes $5.00 to get going on crack-cocaine again. Get a storage place and store all things that could be sold or pawned for money to get crack-cocaine. Have pay checks direct deposited into an account he or she does not have access to, this is not an option! If a crack-head says they want help, they probably do. A sure fire way to see if this is real, is to direct deposit without exception. If this one simple thing is not complied to or agreed to, then the time is not right for them to quit. At this point YOUR survival is first. When they hit below bottom again or are in jail, they will cry for help again. Same thing then. Drastic measures for a drastic situation! If they need food you go buy the food and give it to them. You can pack them a lunch. Absolutely no money. Find a local food pantry through a church or program. If they need clothes, you can buy them and then cut the inside label off and write their name on the inside collar and you KEEP the receipt so it can not be returned for money. If it is possible and they are working, arrange to drive them or find someone to do it or buy a monthly bus pass so they can get to work only. The bus pass is only to look for a job or to get to a job. If they are looking, the names and times need to be on paper and verified. Your conversations should be limited to conquering crack-cocaine. Nothing else matters. When he or she begs for money say NO! Practice saying NO. If they are being evicted give them the address to a local shelter if you are not able for some reason to have them in your home because they cannot be trusted yet. Print out pages from our website and give it to them for a present instead of material things. Todd's father bought him a gravestone and coffin for Christmas. Is this being mean? NO it is being real because crack-cocaine does and will kill. Sometimes having tougher than tough love is needed to get that window open. Some people have to leave, some divorce, others have their children taken away. Many have to have protective services or the police called just to open that window. You have to fight crack-cocaine with all your might. Sitting around worrying gets you nothing. Driving around looking for that person gets you nothing but out of gas. They will be back when they have exhausted all means of money or they are physically unable to continue. Pray to God for their safe return so you can continue the fight. There does come a point of deciding to let go. How do you know when that time comes? When your loved one shows no signs of progressing in the process of conquering crack-cocaine. Progress could be as sad as they brought back $20.00 of their paycheck instead of nothing. The progress may be a little micro dust mite, but any and all progress is a sign to continue. When all progress stops, then yes there does come a time to let that person go. That does not mean that it can’t happen at a later time, but it means you might have to move on in hopes they will get to the point of desiring progress again, or needing it. The fact is, that some people never get there and crack cocaine kills. Crack cocaine is draining and exhausting. We are living proof that it is worth the fight.

We get a lot of questions on when do I trust again? Trust is earned not given. You give trust a little at a time until that person proves his or her trust ability. Little droplets of trust at first and that does not even begin until they have at least 75 days clean and are showing signs of progress. Camille let me carry money only when she was with me, for example: when we went out to eat, Camille would let me hold the money and pay for the meal so I felt better in front of others, but the minute we got in the car I had to give back what was left, and it better add up. Keeping your loved one connected to the real world is very important to their ability to form positive self-esteem again. Having birthday parties, Christmas, family gatherings, taking them to church even if they just got high, going to a movie, buying a hamburger etc… normal events of everyday life. Share new ideas you learn or read about. These things need to take place even if you have to drop them off back in their crack-infested neighborhood. Keeping in touch is a way of planting seeds of hope. Remember how your loved one use to be? Maybe you can help them get there again. It is possible. Crack-cocaine can be conquered! This takes a team participation. Those in your family who wish not to participate, might have to step aside for a while.

Expose crack! Tell everyone you know that your loved one is possessed by crack-cocaine. It does not matter who knows. The more you expose crack-cocaine the less power it has on you or your loved one. Camille even told the grocery clerks about it and gave the manager a picture and told them Todd is possessed by crack-cocaine and may try to cash a bad check here. You know what? They did call when Todd tried to do this. Camille would tell local police, neighbors all family members, our pastor, EVERYONE she came in contact with and it worked! Crack-Todd started to lose power and My-Todd started to show up again as the man we knew he is! Crack-Todd could not go anywhere in the area we lived in without Camille finding out. So SPEAK! This is your life and your loved ones soul you are fighting for. Embarrassment never gets you to a crack-free life, but taking control does. Tom Petty has a song that has a line in it that goes, “I'm taking control of my life, right now!”. So can you. So can your loved one.
We know crack-cocaine can be conquered. We are here to help anyone through the process. When we went through this we had very little help. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can. We are not here to debate programs and whether they work or not. We are here to share our beliefs, uphold them and share any and all ways that allowed Todd and I to conquer crack-cocaine.
Todd and Camille

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Devil's Candy

Once upon a time...
...there was a crack in my life, crack cocaine that is. My crystal rock of cooked powder coke was placed in a pipe to send the contaminating smoke inside my body to converse with my soul and spirit. The proposition was to possess all of my character and moral values. I could not pass this up. I craved the rush that cannot be described and is beyond normal human comprehension. The craving for this drug has such a euphoric possession it goes past boundaries set by natural laws for living, and living crack-free forever while being in complete contrast with each other; euphoria or possession. The anxiety during the chase to get just a kibble is insane and so intense, followed by depression so deep you could kill. I know of not one treatment center that addresses anywhere near the description of the crack-high that all programs have knowledge of, but refuse to be the new and alternative or out of the ordinary go against the conventional insurance backed facilities that depend on failure to overcome this substance that must be from the enemy, known in some circles as the fallen angel with a first name of Lucifer.

Once upon a time...
...there was a crack in my life, crack cocaine that is. It is not in any religion that an answer can be found. Answers start to formulate when we develop a relationship with printed words of powerful healing truths. Scriptures are just one place where they can be found. Feeling possessed by the crack-bite is the loneliest, darkest, sickest, most ugly gnawing and truly captivating all consuming demonic place to be. Smoking crack-cocaine will destroy everything you ever thought, felt, desired, loved or believed in. The insanity of smoking crack-cocaine and doing nothing else but that, every awake moment of everyday is maddening. Smoking crack-cocaine will devour everything and everybody that is willing to let it. Crack cocaine holds no boundaries. It does not care about your age, or your race, or your status and could care less as to what you do and how you live. Nothing gets in the way of crack cocaine once it has possession. Standard treatment does not address the extreme possession that does occur during crack cocaine use. From experiences and truths, we need to be careful if we treat crack cocaine just like any other drug. Crack cocaine does take you over and possess your body, soul and spirit. Crack cocaine goes as far as completely possessing and then completely destroying your body, mind and spirit. Giving in to the urges to smoke crack cocaine is such a vicious cycle controlled by powers that want nothing more than to possess and destroy all life, even by flying planes filled with people into buildings filled with more people.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Still Crack-Cocaine

Now that it is after Thanksgiving, we need to continue to be thankful we are crack-free, and if we are not crack-free then get into our web-site and do our programs and find your freedom from crack-cocaine possession! You too can be free forever. Is it easy? No.

Crack Cocaine

The time we spend chasing crack or the person smoking crack is astronomical. We must stop chasing crack cocaine if we want a chance to conquer this insidious stuff. Like in a group setting such as: "Hi my name is Todd and I am "The Crack Conquerer!" Well not really saying that...I am sure that the "group" would not let me get away with saying that so I will try this: "Hi I'm a crack-head named Todd". "HI CRACK-HEAD". That's better. When I get so grandiose in my thinking that I am actually "The Crack Conquerer" people want to say horrible things about me, my wife and this ministry. When all we really want to do is stop the madness of smoking crack-cocaine. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less...just stopping the madness of smoking crack-cocaine is the mission of devilscandy.com. Does it really matter how crack is conquered? No! Some would have you think that there is only one way to stop crack. The narrowed mindedness of this statement is what keeps so many continually spinning in the crack crap circle of despair. So if we do not do this or that we will NEVER be OK against crack. That is what kept me spinning for years. The thought that now that I have tried "their" method for over a year, and the overwhelming urges are STILL haunting every thought in my mind...well it must be because you are NOT working the "program"! Well I am hear to tell you...I worked and worked and worked the "program" to the best of my limited possessed ability at the time and I continued to struggle with how to stop these stupid urges. Well go to a meeting. Fine. That worked while I was at a meeting, but I still had to deal with myself and time and when a sponsor or meeting were not there to rescue me and save ne from myself and crack. But is not a drug a drug? NO. This is such a crock of bull. Crack-cocaine possesses your body, soul and spirit. And i challenge ANYONE to prove different. Oh it is a disease of addiction? Hmmm? So I still have that disease? Or did I "cure" that disease? No...this disease CANNOT be "cured"! So what did I do? I am free forever from crack. What am I? Just not using? A diseased addict with no symptoms? A miracle? Hitler? God? A special crack-head married to a special non-addict? Could it be possible that a special non-addict could actually help stop the madness of smoking crack-cocaine? CRACK-COCAINE CAN BE CONQUERED FOREVER AND YOU CAN BE FREE FROM THE CONTAMINATION AND POSSESSION OF CRACK-COCAINE.