Friday, June 16, 2006

Let's Keep Crack Cocaine Not Tied To Anything

It is amazing how many crackheads cannot handle the truth. And 12 steppers...WOW are they sensitive to THEIR "program" being the way, the truth and the lifestyle they love, because hey it IS better than smoking crack! Then we have being gay with a small "g". If crack is an issue, we need to look at ALL parts that may be holding us back from freedom and the truth. Just can follow scripture and stop the madness of smoking crack cocaine. Just can follow scripture and see that programs that admit defeat and WILL NOT support scriptures will keep crack cocaine doing what it does best, destroy. Just can follow scripture and see that laying with the same sex is detestable to God, of course that is until YOU change the words to suit your life so it becomes OK and has nothing to do with crack or "drugs" except that the connection and "tie" that I am pointing out is that THE SCRIPTURES being the truth and the way to set one free is the same for all 3 items mentioned. So we still cannot connect being gay, going to meetings for a disease and smoking crack and becoming a crackhead having nothing to do with one another? Hmmm...let us think again.