Monday, January 03, 2005

Crack is Still Alive in 2005

We know crackcocaine IS the DevilsCandy, do you? Has this ever occurred to you that the enemy will steal your joy by possessing your body, soul and spirit with crackcocaine? In order to live your life free from crackcocaine, some fundamental daily life living skills need to be implemented immediately. It is such a simple concept, most people and facilities like to keep it complicated and remove all hope of conquering crackcocaine. This is a lie. Crackcocaine can be conquered.
It is not in any religion that an answer can be found. Answers start to formulate when we develop a relationship with printed words of powerful healing truths. Scriptures are just one place where they can be found. Feeling possessed by the crack-bite is the loneliest, darkest, sickest, most ugly gnawing and truly captivating all consuming demonic place to be. Smoking crackcocaine will destroy everything you ever thought, felt, desired, loved or believed in. The insanity of smoking crackcocaine and doing nothing else but that, every awake moment of everyday is maddening. Smoking crackcocaine will devour everything and everybody that is willing to let it. Crackcocaine holds no boundaries. It does not care about your age, or your race, or your status and could care less as to what you do and how you live.
Nothing gets in the way of crackcocaine once it has possession. Standard treatment does not address the extreme possession that does occur during crackcocaine use. From experiences and truths, we need to be careful if we treat crackcocaine just like any other drug. Crackcocaine does take you over and possess your body, soul and spirit. Crackcocaine goes as far as completely possessing and then destroying your body, mind and spirit.
Giving in to the urges to smoke crackcocaine is such a vicious cycle controlled by powers that want nothing more than to possess and destroy all life, even by flying planes filled with people into buildings filled with more people.
There are many ways to stop smoking crackcocaine. As simple as this seems, it really is true. Crackcocaine lies. It convinces you that you can have IT and a life, you just have to work it out…again…and again…and again.
Our 75 Day Program works. When I was ‘jotting’ down all these notes, I had no idea it would come to this. As we know GOD has weird ways to get us where HE wants us to be. HIS way works, we just call it our 75 Day Program. It takes 75 days to completely get the spiritual possession (or addiction – for those who need to hear that word) of crackcocaine out. This is from our experience and truths. Clinically it can take about 75 hours. This is not a clinical battle. The spiritual and mind possession can tempt and prod you for quite awhile longer than this program is set up to do, that is why day 76 becomes day 1 again! When you do get to the end of the 75 days, the plan and goal is to be exposed to the real truths about crackcocaine and to have disarmed it to the point that it has started to leave you alone…so you can work your program and fight the spiritual battle of your life, for your life.
Each day away from crackcocaine brings us closer to being completely free from crack. With a true desire and the understanding of where this stuff is really coming from and its only mission to destroy; this understanding and desire will bring you the strength necessary for success. Our measure of success is in our 1st Belief from our 13 Beliefs to Living Life Crack-Free, and to quote: "We believe in each success, not every failure".
Success is what you make of it. When contaminated, an hour can be great success.
I do suggest that when a fall, slip, relapse, or picking up again, or whatever term works for you…IMMEDIATELY get back up and go to where you LEFT off…and do it again and again and again until you get it right. Ultimately it always goes full circle…and remember…it took me 3 years AFTER I knew what I know now as my truth revealed to my soul as to what this stuff really is…it worked for me and will never penetrate me again…this is ONE thing I do know for sure about crackcocaine… BUT do not worry…I am not ‘too’ confident…it is just when you do finally get how to do this…it is simple.
Todd Wm. Gibson