Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day after Christmas and Day 76 go together.

Ok day after Christmas now what do we do? Ok I completed the 75 Days now what do I do? Both of these days have either a big let down or a big sigh of relief. All the gifts that need returning and the tree needs to be brought out to the street along with cleaning up the house with all the boxes and wrap and toys! Day 76 is just another day free from crack. This is the same effort as returning gifts. The waiting in lines, finding the correct "new" gift or even just remembering where the reciept is. Day 76 is just like finding that reciept. It takes work and patience and yes even a little luck. Can we expect luck with crackcocaine? When we make enough "deposits" in the doing what we are supposed to be doing account, then we can make a withdrawl without overdrawing our account. Luck involving crack comes from "attacking crack". If we just give in and give up because it IS so difficult, then crack wins. If we get an attitude towards "finishing up" Christmas with all the returns and cleaning and this attitude is out front, we loose because we will rob our children of the JOY in Christmas. If our children see us struggling with patience, then they too will struggle. When we do not expose crack in all ways including "what do we do on day 76", then the enemy slips in un-noticed. Day 76 is just like Day 1, just another day crackfree. We go right to Day 1 again and start the process again and we do this until "WE GET IT RIGHT"! We do not care if this takes a few times or many times or many, many times. We do what it takes to get it right. We do whatever it takes to get Christmas together for the kids to feel the joy of Christ being born. We do whatever it takes to get our life and joy back so our loved one's can enjoy who God created us to be...and that is not a person smoking crackcocaine. We find celebration in the birth of Christ...we find celebration in "attacking crack". When we share the joy of Christmas, we find freedom from life's evil. When we expose crackcocaine, we find freedom from crackcocaine. The reason these two subjects are together in the same paragraph is, if we would just accept the true meaning of Cristmas and when we do, Christmas seems more rich, more deep, more meaning. If we would just accept that crackcocaine IS the devilscandy and act upon this belief, then freedom from crackcocaine seems real, feels possible, truly becomes clearer and life without crackcocaine is a reality.