Tuesday, December 28, 2004

How do we stop crackcocaine?

Is crackcocaine like a car? Is crackcocaine like a child acting up? Is crackcocaine like a flowing river? Is crackcocaine like a running back on a championship football team? HOW DO WE STOP CRACKCOCAINE?
When we look at crackcocaine like any of the above situations it too can be stopped. We tend to complicate crackcocaine. Treatment centers really have not got a clue as to what and how to conquer crackcocaine. They ARE experts in "arresting addiction", but we know that crackcocaine is way more than just substance abuse and or addiction. Crackcocaine contaminates and possesses your body, soul and spirit. Does anyone have a better description for this horrible insidious stuff? Oh, you say it is a disease of addiction and the "cure" is going to meetings and getting a sponsor? Why is this disease so easily "cured"? Just go to meetings and call your sponsor and all is cured. BUT...if you miss a meeting or do not call your sponsor...the disease is back? Where did it go? I suppose if you do not take prescribed medication for a disease, it would come back too! How do we stop crackcocaine?
We stop crackcocaine by attacking crack. We stop crackcocaine by making a decision that absolutely no more money, no more time, and no more lies will ever go to crack again. There, plain and simple. But it cannot be that simple. Yes it can and is. But, but...it is so hard to stop! Wah-WAh. Yes it is hard to stop. In fact it might just be the single most difficult thing you will ever do outside of dealing with death. Of course death and crack are best friends. Maybe not in the flesh death sense, but most definently in the spiritual sense. Then we find that when we are spiritually dead, flesh death is not far behind, kinda just waiting to pounce, waiting for the right moment that is more than likely to be out of place and before your life mission is complete.
HOW DO WE STOP CRACKCOCAINE? Just like a traffic light. It turns red and we stop, right? Or we get a citation for our error. With crackcocaine there is no citation with a fine to pay and all goes away. Crackcocaine penetrates life in all aspects. The evil penetration from crackcocaine is the same evil penetration that will cause you to fly planes into buildings killing thousands of people. The difference is one is taught and lived from birth, the other is self induced. So we must be very quiet, it cannot be crack that does that...shhhhhh! Hey they were brought up like that and smoking crack cannot be that evil. It is that evil. Just look around and look at the statistics. Treatment programs that claim 83% success rate are saying that WHILE in their facility the person worked the program and upon exiting the program will maintain being clean? For how long? If the truth be told (and it is not) almost ALL crackheads smoke crack again. A VERY small percent stop forever. No one wants you to know this. Then no one will go to these places and the money dries up and the facility closes.
1. Seperate the "crack" person and the person.
2. Expose crackcocaine in ALL aspects regardles of who finds out and now knows.
3. If meetings and sponsors help, then use them and go to meetings.
4. Find a church that uses the BIBLE as their road map.
5. TELL THE TRUTH. "Honesty means never having to remember what you said"!
6. DIRECT DEPOSIT. Have ZERO money access...period.
7. Read Romans 7:14-20
8. Do not allow ANY crackthought more that 2.5 seconds of time in your mind.
9. Realize it is not if...BUT...when the overwhelming urges are coming. HAVE A PLAN READY.
10. Be safe with safe people 24/7
11. Change jobs and change locations if needed to seperate your life and the closeness of crack.
12. Light your cigarettes from the stove and DO NOT go to the store for matches.
13. Find a website that offers no hope and says give up on the person...then we seem really good.
14. Admit you are a CRACKHEAD and say this outloud to anyone.
15. Pray ONCE for temptation resisting power over crackcocaine and believe it WILL happen.
16. Proclaim: Crackcocaine IS the devilscandy and I believe IT IS out to kill my life and me.
17. DAILY REMINDER: Crackcocaine and prison inmate have the same amount of letters.
18. Get and do our 75 Day Program.
19. Frequent www.devilscandy.com and www.crackcocainerecovery.com for consistent help.
20. DO EXACTLY WHAT The Devils Candy Ministry Services suggests. Otherwise you are
responsible for your own crackhell!