Thursday, December 06, 2007

What Does Camille Say?

Understand that crack cocaine is the Devils Candy
If you want power over crack cocaine you must expose all the crack cocaine lies
Be honest with everyone and in everything you do
Show actions not words
Understand that when your family is nagging, crack cocaine is attacking them and to answer all nagging with a good attitude
Understand Crack cocaine’s purpose is to kill you and destroy all those who care about you
Commit to 6 months of not touching any money for any reason
Commit to not handling money issues for 2 years after the 6 months of not touching money
Except help and understand you can not fight crack cocaine on your own. It takes a team of those willing to follow your program. If they are not willing to participate 100% they can not be apart of your life for now.
Understand when your family hides their money and things of value that it is NOT because of YOU but because they do not trust crack cocaine and do not want crack cocaine to torture you with the urges. Your job is to protect your family from crack. Crack cocaine is very jealous of what you have. It wants your family members, its wants all your money and all of your families money, it wants your TV, it wants your VCR, stereo, CD’s and anything of value you own. It wants to destroy those who care about you, their spirit, their self worth, their joy, their happiness; it wants to suffocate your kids or future kids. It wants your life!
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