Friday, November 16, 2007

Who and What To Believe?

No decision should be made without knowledge of all the available facts. By examining the facts and looking through eyes of truth, we can conclude that there is some sort of true resolution from this madness. There has to be. What to believe? I can say this; do not believe anything a crack-head says. As long as the contamination is there, there is zero trust regardless of how sweet it seems, and until non-users get it straight on how ‘this’ stuff destroys the soul and spirit, and it could depend on how “you” respond to this stuff and its behavior…as in you could be the person that says the word that penetrates the “bubble”, or could steer them in a new direction that could enlighten one…or could be the one to keep a thin string of the reality of life in the grips of the poor contaminated soul and plant that seed of hope and help nurture it slightly from a loving distance.
My hunger for truth ended up being very difficult to hear and see. It hurt. I can only imagine my hurt was way less than some hurt I caused from my desire to smoke crack. I believe all crack-heads can rid themselves from the power of the lure and uncontrollable urge to smoke crack no matter what happens from smoking crack. I believe every person possessed and addicted to crack can quit. I believe all cocaine addicts can leave it alone forever. I believe if you shoot up cocaine and maybe even mix it with heroin; you too can forever stop poking your skin.

Once you expose the lie it becomes harder to keep it a secret. The secret is when you know the truth and that is what you can believe. I have told you the truth. Now you do know. It can develop into and become just a simple decision to quit. But…not until you have faith in what you do believe, and faith in God, and faith that now you know you do not have to smoke crack, and faith that smoking crack is not what God wants you to be doing with your time; but…most of all have faith in yourself. You can quit forever; that is what to believe.