Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Answer to 2 Questions

1st: I do not believe crack depletes brain cells. I believe it adds "stupid brain cells". I smoked crack everyday for 10 years and I still have most of my brain cells although some would disagree. :) I do notice some "physical" stuff from crack It affected my sight and hearing, but as far as "smart", I am still smart even after 10 years of crack. If such anger is present, I do not believe they are free...maybe stopped but such anger with freedom is a plan to smoke crack. Go listen to my show about "crack-anger". Crackheads with money go to jail, prison or die! Crackheads who can't get crack, pout, shout, argue, fight and use anger as a reason to go out again. The time associated with this anger has nothing to do with anything. Anger is being used as a means to be unhappy and that will lead to smoking crack because "things are so tough", QUOTE:"You just don't understand"!, Yeah I understand...you can't smoke crack! Boo-hoo. So if I can't smoke crack, I will make everyone else miserable. I do not believe they are "saved". I am very leery of the "phrase" used to say someone has turned their lives to God, instead we are "saved" yet our lives are still in a "pile of crap"? and this is what God had in mind? by saving us? I think not. So if a person is "saved" and yet act like an ass, is that being saved? and then what do you do?
Tell him to do our program and see if he is for real or not. I suspect he will get MORE angry when you try this and then you will see the truth.

2nd: I do nt belive crack causes "bi-polar". I believe the medical field does not know what to do with crackheads and are using the "symptoms" of a crackhead to say they have "bi-polar". In our ministry we have seen over the last 9 years about 75% of crackheads are diagnosed with "bi-polar". Rather than looking at the inside "spirituallity", it is immediately "bi-polar". I was told I have severe "bi-polar". Well what do you think? I have "bi-polar" because I smoked crack? No Todd you have "bi-polar" because all the things caused by crack are showing up as "bi-polar"! Hmmm?! If that is true then I have found the "CURE" for "bi-polar" and that is the DVC Ministry methods for crack cocaine and the bi-product is a cure for bi-polar. How cool is that! :)

I hope I have answered both questions to you satisfaction,