Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Attacking Crack"

When we know what we are supposed to do and then do not do it, who is responsible for the crackhell? When we finish our 75 day program, what next? When we get the "Holiday" spirit to smoke crackcoaine, do we? We cannot promise anyone anything when it comes to crackfreedom. We CAN get you to a point where it is just a temptation and NOT a possession anymore...but what about day 76? Well, first you must to listen to what we say and ACT accordingly. No crackhead will get better in just 5 weeks. Oh they should be showing progress, but to let them weasel their way back into the house when they did in fact only do 1 thing to "attack crack" in those 5 weeks. Well they sounded better. They said they were tired of crack. They mentioned that the quanity was way less lately so it will be easy to NOT use. I know what I have to do. I am ready now...but...I must be able to run my game on you such as do what I want when I want with whom I want where I want because I deserve SOMETHING. I mean I worked REAL hard at quitting crack over the last 5 weeks. So when I want to just hang-out, it is no big deal so do not bother me over this small item of behavior. I can have anyone call me, email me, text message me in any form at any time for any reason, after all I know what to do about this crackthing! Rules? Like what? Oh how about being accountable for EVERY minute of the day. Oh how about being accountable to EVERY phone call I make and recieve (just in case it MIGHT be the crackdealer). Oh how about being accountable for EVERY dime and penny just in case "the money" should allow for easy access to crackcocaine. But hey, you know what to do...you have attacked crackcocaine 1 time in five weeks! You are now a CRACKSPERT! A know-it-all crackhead! Now that makes for a great chance of freedom from the possession of crackcocaine on your body, soul and spirit. But hey, you know all there is to know on "attacking crack"! Let's see...we have a crackhead who supposedly did not smoke crackcocaine for the 5 weeks they were gone...and they promised to go from the bus when they got back and go right from that bus to a treatment center for at least 28 days...and they came back and went right home and in just a short time the pattern started again because they were asked to be accountable on who is calling them...oh yeah they know what to do about this crackthing and that is definently not being accountable. After all why should they? They know what to do. Do you? Apparently not. Let me recap again...a crackhead NOT willing to do WHATEVER it takes to stop the madness...no...no...no wait a minute!...I think this time it is the non-crackhead. But hey why should you follow all the things this ministry says to you? The crackhead knows what to do about this crackthing. Use and abuse you once again, and again, and again! Until YOU get really pissed at crackcocaine and will "attack crack" 24/7 for as long as it takes to either: #1 leave and find a life without a crackhead to deal with..or #2 stay strong so the crackhead has a chance to find freedom instead of once again maipulating the situation so the crack and you can stay. One HAS GOT TO GO!! You decide. Stay and "attack crack" 24/7, or go to a non-crack life. Those are the 2 choices. Your emotional weakness will not allow crackfreedom. It is NOT Your fault, but it is your responsibility to "attack crack" if that is what you decided to do. And if that is your decision then STOP giving in to the crackhead...until they have daily progress that can be seen and felt...DAILY...do not give in. Being lonely will not help a crackhead find peace and freedom. Being lonely is a choice. Being a victim of crackcocaine is also a choice. Maybe we should focus on your inability to make right choices. Instead of directing the energy towards crack, I suspect a lot of "other" choices go in an incorrect direction. Helping a crackhead sucks! SUCKS BIGTIME!! BUT...if your decision is to make the choice to stay and be a soldier in "attacking crack", then do EXACTLY what is said to you as far as HOW TO get a crackhead going in the right direction. YOU CANNOT be weak. GET REALLY PISSED-OFF AT CRACKCOCAINE...REALLY PISSED! So pissed off at crackcocaine you will stop at NOTHING and not let some weak words, promises, or love emotions get in the way of your decision to make that choice of "attacking crack". CRACK-IS-CRACK...SAD but TRUE!! Now do what your heart tells you to do not your mind...YOUR heart KNEW NOT to let him into the home again...but you emotions said I hope it will be OK...I want it to be OK....it can be. There is always hope until death does its thing. Make the RIGHT choices not the comfortable one's.