Monday, April 18, 2005

Just For the Blog of It.

Detroit "Attack on Crack" Presentation Saturday April 17, 2005 415PM - 845PM
Wow! It is so amazing how difficult it is for a crackhead to give up the money! The ONLY reason for this, is somewhere in their mind, they are still thinking about smoking crackcocaine. Real men give up their money to someone they trust or love or both. Even "realer" men DO NOT HASSLE, MANIPULATE OR GO AGAINST THIS MONEY GIVING UP, after they have agreed that they are a crackhead and money gives them "access" to the ability to buy crackcocaine when one of those "squirrelly" moments come! The impression that it was and is NOT THAT BAD is so mamby pamby, soft, fluffy, phony and full of B.S.! Smoking crackcocaine is wrong, bad, horrible and kills everyone and the crackhead from the inside first, before the secular or the "reality" world kills the crackhead for real! Crack-Kills. Crackhead pride again reared its ugly head Saturday. Hey I know, I think I will screw up my life again so I can move back home knowing the rules and then NOT follow the rules and act like my parents are fools! There is a possibility I could get my life in-order so I will never have to deal with my parents "foolish" rules and can actually decide if I want to go to a meeting instead of being ordered by a judge, probation officer or a non-ever used crackcocaine person who only wants us to NOT smoke crackcocaine and know of no other way that society has to offer with addiction and especially a possession --- of your soul. But hey, this time you know what you are doing, what it is been a week right? That should be enough time for you to know how NOT to smoke crack right? Certainly by you the "crackhead" saying sure I can quit for 25 days or at least 21 days, well we KNOW if you had the money and the access to getting and smoking crackcocaine, you would fall even further in the crack-abyss. Of course I do remember being told hey maybe today is the start of never smoking crack again! Yes it could be. I hope it is. This is a process that is so spiritually draining, we know crackcocaine has incredible power when it will actually have a crackhead finding it easier dealing with crack-crap than the spiritual onslaught that comes when we decide to attack crack. One other interesting comment, when I talked to this crackhead before going to Detroit, he did agree and say that crack talks to you. When I asked him in person in front of everyone, he denied that crack talks to him. He just shrugged it off as if to say hey Todd, see I am not THAT bad of a crackhead because crack does not talk to me, or like purposely going against our presentation to show me up in front of his family. Anyway he knows crack talks to him. I know crack talks to him. Why he is so defiant, is an indication to me he is doing what it takes to keep daddy and mommy happy (because he screwed up again smoking crackcocaine and had to move back home) instead of really wanting freedom from crackcocaine. His next crack-high is really all he wants to go towards. He is not willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to earn this freedom we are talking about. For some reason he thinks freedom is free. Maybe he should ask a soldier in Iraq, or better yet ask a family who lost a member to Saddam's demonic rule for over 30 years, but I have a feeling this "crackhead" from Detroit who DOES NOT do laundry which REAL men do when needed or asked to help with, feels freedom should be handed to him especially since he has NOT smoked crackcocaine for 8 days?! Unless there is a commitment to do the things that WILL stop crackcocaine dead in its tracks, this Detroit crackhead will NOT be able to resist an enemy a lot stronger than all of us, unless we unite and agree to attack crack in any way that exposes it, confronts it and destroys crackcocaine. Every crackhead CAN BE FREE from the grip crackcocaine has on possessed souls. ONLY the crackheads themselves can release the crack-demon from themselves. The enemy has them tricked that this is not possible so stop trying. Crack-demon, it is just cocaine, a drug just like ALL other drugs but NOT a demon. It could NOT be that simple. Yes it can and is. EASY? Not even close to easy. SIMPLE? This is the simplest truth about crackcocaine and what it takes to conquer crack. Crackcocaine IS the devilscandy. That is what it is. John 10:10 tells us the "devil" deceives us so good, like a piece of "candy", once we smoke crackcocaine, he has owner-ship of your soul. The lie goes even deeper when the enemy convinces us we can have crackcocaine and a life too and we will spend many years trying to achieve this and never will. NO I HAVE NOT met any crackhead with a life. There are none. Phony false ones sponsored by the enemy to once again trick us into a "hush hush" and shhhhhh attitude about crackcocaine. Let's not talk about it and by the way give up MY MONEY that I earned the right to spend on crack? No way. I know how to NOT smoke crackcocaine. It is easy. I do it every few weeks or so, NO I MEAN I do not smoke crackcocaine every few weeks! Gosh, you act like I am a crackhead or something!

Crackcocaine is such an evil, arrogant and deceptive tool fromthe enemy! The more we attack, the more deceptive it becomes. Butthat is part of the plan from the enemy. If we would just trust,believe and have faith in a life WITHOUT crackcocaine, it woulddiminish the power crackcocaine has on our soul and spirit. There islife in abundance wihtout crackcocaine. Can anyone say that aboutlife with crackcocaine? How is it that NOT being able to STOP smokingcrackcocaine is a disease? Is this the same as NOT being able to eatjust one Lay's potato chip? Crackcocaine IS the devilscandy. That iswhat it is. And if we need a label put with that, the label will becrackcocaine is a "disease of possession"! The cure is to believe inthe FACT that crackcocaine can be conquered and destroyed forever! Ofcourse this goes way beyond substance abuse and JUST an addiction.Why is it that the simple truth is so difficult to believe? Maybebecause it is too simple. I mean how cute to call crackcocaine "thedevilscandy". What a great gimmick Todd and Camille have come up withto hawk their books and programs! Damn straight it is a greatgimmick. You want to know what though? IT WORKS! Whether a gimmick ora truth of simplicity, it works to STOP CRACKCOCAINE DEAD IN ITSTRACKS! If someone could explain to me how the "evil" got inside ofthose idiots who flew palnes into the Twin Towers, and why when wesmoke crackcocaine this cannot be the same evil (of course withoutscientific data) that possesses the crack-user. WHY? Maybe becausesomewhere poeple do not want the crackcocaine to go away. It wouldcost a lot of jobs in our prison's, treatment centers, probationofficers, and hey let' not forget the crack-punk dealers. Maybe thereis a crackunion out there promoting that NOT being able to STOPsmoking crackcocaine IS a disease, and knowing a lot of people willnot buy into that and Tod and Camille just have a gimmick...lookslike crackcociane is poised to continue to destroy because it IS toosimple to be free forever...Todd the CrackConqueror