Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas and Crack-Cocaine

When we take the "Christ" out of Christmas it has zero meaning. When we take the crack out of crack-cocaine, people think it is just "cocaine", and "cocaine" is recreational and not addictive and certainly NOT possessive. Why do we allow Christmas to go on as just a "happy hoilday", or "season's greetings"? This is a celebration for the birth and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not just a "happy season of holiday greetings"! The hectic gift giving already gets us in the wrong direction away from the true meaning of Christmas. Cocaine is not the problem, crack is. Then why do we say cocaine or drugs when it is crack-cocaine. It cannot be crack. Hey "season greetings" is just another way of saying Merry Christmas. Why not say that then? Why not say crack-cocaine like it is one word...CRACKCOCAINE. In fact that will be the new way I will write this word. I have made a decision to say Merry Christmas and NOT say the "other" two ways I mentioned before. What is amazing is when we take a stand for something, those that ridicule mean zero and those that agree are part of the team that can conquer anything. Alexander "the great" was against ALL odds and overcame them. The softer, politically correct approach to Christmas so all can be included and not be offended by the name "Christ" in Christmas are the same morons who do not, will not, cannot or just won't attack crackcocaine. Instead their politicaly correct way is to go to a meeting or accept that you are powerless over crackcocaine and will go for the rest of their life in recovery waiting for "the relapse" around the next corner. Of course if all meetings were attended and all the calls made to sponsors were done, no one would ever relapse. How about believing that crackcocaine is the devil's candy. How about believing Christmas is all about Christ. How about taking a stand for these two things. If we believe in Christ ALL things are possible. So if your are addicted to 12 step meetings and believe that your "higher power" is a chair, or person, or the people around those tables, then you will only arrest your powerlessness over crackcocaine. When you believe crackcocaine is the devil's candy, and Christ is the answer and power over crackcocaine, you will conquer crackcocaine. It is just THAT simple. Snap...just like that!