Friday, November 02, 2007

75 Days

How the 75 Day Program Works

This program may take more than once to fully detoxify the possession of crack cocaine from your soul.

1. NOT following the rules and instructions exactly as described in this program will directly affect the outcome and results of learning how to squash the crack cocaine urges.

2. Believe crack cocaine is the devils candy and act like it.

3. Understand and accept this is a spiritual battle for your soul.

4. Learn the crack-attacking scriptures, and attack crack with them.

5. Carry the 75 Day Booklet with you at ALL times. No excuse’s not to.

6. Practicing faith and earning trust are essential components in our actions, words, willingness to change and being able to see those results.

7. We expect and accept anything that works to attack crack only.

8. Do not be ashamed or shy about saying the powerful words of healing truths in this booklet loud enough for anyone to hear, including the enemy.

9. Spend more time doing this 75 Day Program a day than thinking, searching, lying, conniving or anything else going towards or about crack cocaine.

10. Do not go ahead. Stay on the day you are on. You may go back to a different day to find power over crack cocaine, but DO NOT GO FORWARD. After the first time through this book, if a second, third or more times are needed, then you can use any day that helps after doing the days in order (like the first time through), then using any other day after for extra power.

11. Get really pissed-off at crack cocaine. Get so angry it will be okay to yell at crack cocaine. Go ahead and yell at crack. Try it and start attacking crack.

12. Commit to God’s word and to this 75 Day Program until you’re free from crack cocaine possession forever. This program will work when you work it. It has never failed me and it will not fail you. You can fail the program but the program will NOT fail you.

13. REMEMBER: Stopping the madness of smoking crack cocaine sometimes gets worse before it gets better. Knowing this helps in how long it will take for you to get serious about finding a life crack-free! The stranglehold from crack cocaine tightens before it loosens, especially now that this journey has begun.

Crack cocaine can be conquered and destroyed forever!

Let your journey begin!