Saturday, April 30, 2005



Developing a program to living your life crack-free is a process of finding ways that will help you. We need to not worry about making mistakes. We will have to learn from those mistakes. A strong support team and developing your relationship with God has to be. We have a belief that there is a better life than the pathetic one that crack cocaine brings you to. Crack cocaine can be conquered! You can live your life without it. We are here to bring you our truths about crack cocaine. Addiction, disease or possession? Or all three?! First we need to understand what crackcocaine is. Addiction is the habitual use and feeling of need of a substance. Disease is a pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms. Possession is to take into control. Crackcocaine takes a person's soul into control, even changing their character (attributes, traits, or abilities) and rapes them of their moral values, and keeps them from having a valuable life. This is true for both the person using and those involved with the user. It is our belief that when a person uses crack cocaine it possesses their body, soul and spirit. We visualize that the smoke of crack cocaine is the very breath of Lucifer. We believe crack cocaine is an actual evil force out to destroy those that are possessed by the breath of Lucifer and the sweetness of the devil's candy. In a disease, the affects are to the individual; an addiction affects first the individual. Crack cocaine immediately effects everyone involved with the user, including the user. So, forever possessed? No, crackcocaine can only possess you as long as you let it.

Before you start the process.
First you must view yourself as just a person who wants to stop smoking crack cocaine. This is even if and when we say we don’t want to stop.
Second we must accept the fact that no one can do anything to make you stop smoking crack cocaine. You must choose what works for you to stop smoking crack cocaine. If one way does not work, try another way.
Third important item is to accept all progress however seemingly small and seemingly insignificant it is, as success. When you fall, pick yourself up from where you fell, apply all the knowledge and progress you have obtained and continue your program for living your life crack cocaine free.
The fourth thing is…have hope in yourself. The hardest obstacle in front of you, is you. You have heard testimony that living life without crack cocaine is possible. Your experience with adverse situations will provide the strength and desire for this new life.
Start with thirty days to cleanse, either in a treatment center which is preferred because of the medical things that can happen when getting crack cocaine out of your system, or you can devise a plan to do this at home.This one would mean zero money, no car, no job, no phone, no alcohol, no drugs unless prescribed by a doctor…nothing. It does not matter if you have a job because the money was already going to crack cocaine anyway. Go to church or a meeting or both. Start going to safe crack-free places. Begin gathering your support team. This does not have to be forever. It does need to be right now until the behavior and actions support a non-crack cocaine daily pattern.
Read the bible or any other printed words of healing truths. Write in a journal everyday. Writing is a wonderful and powerful tool, maybe the strongest. Be safe in a safe place with safe people, ALWAYS! Do not go anywhere alone. Always have a safe person with you. Do not be alone during this time, not for a minute, not for a second. Use your own or any kind of support team to help you. On line chat groups are available during times when it is not possible to have a person with you at home. Be safe in a safe place with safe people 24/7, no excuses.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Crack Don't...s


1. Don't EVER let a crackhead have money.
2. Don't believe anything a crackhead says.
3. Don't leave valuables around the house when and if a crackhead is present.
4. Don't believe you are the reason they are possessed by crackcocaine.
5. Don't call their employer and make excuses for them.
6. Don't mask crack-possession with just an alcohol problem.
7. Don't give a crackhead access to ANY vehicle.
8. Don't buy presents for ANY known crackhead ever.
9. Don't allow anything but DIRECT DEPOSIT to an account they cannot access.
10. Don't be afraid to SAY crackhead.
11. Don't pay any bills, rent, food, check charges, crack-dealer debts, NOTHING.
12. Don't be afraid to confront their crack-behavior with truths and facts.
13. Don't allow a crackhead free-rent if you choose to let them live with you.
14. Don't protect a crackhead from crack-behavior consequences.
15. Don't offer more than "the streets" or "rehab"...that's it.
16. Don't chase them or crackcocaine. Pray for safe return.
17. Don't be afraid to call the police.
18. Don't accept calling or coming home late again - go sleep at the crackhouse.
19. Don't be inconsistent.
20. Don't focus on perfection...focus on progress.
21. Don't expect immediate 100% freedom.
22. Especially do not believe ANYTHING said from a crackhead-in-jail.
23. Don't be afraid to "PISS 'EM OFF".

Monday, April 18, 2005

Just For the Blog of It.

Detroit "Attack on Crack" Presentation Saturday April 17, 2005 415PM - 845PM
Wow! It is so amazing how difficult it is for a crackhead to give up the money! The ONLY reason for this, is somewhere in their mind, they are still thinking about smoking crackcocaine. Real men give up their money to someone they trust or love or both. Even "realer" men DO NOT HASSLE, MANIPULATE OR GO AGAINST THIS MONEY GIVING UP, after they have agreed that they are a crackhead and money gives them "access" to the ability to buy crackcocaine when one of those "squirrelly" moments come! The impression that it was and is NOT THAT BAD is so mamby pamby, soft, fluffy, phony and full of B.S.! Smoking crackcocaine is wrong, bad, horrible and kills everyone and the crackhead from the inside first, before the secular or the "reality" world kills the crackhead for real! Crack-Kills. Crackhead pride again reared its ugly head Saturday. Hey I know, I think I will screw up my life again so I can move back home knowing the rules and then NOT follow the rules and act like my parents are fools! There is a possibility I could get my life in-order so I will never have to deal with my parents "foolish" rules and can actually decide if I want to go to a meeting instead of being ordered by a judge, probation officer or a non-ever used crackcocaine person who only wants us to NOT smoke crackcocaine and know of no other way that society has to offer with addiction and especially a possession --- of your soul. But hey, this time you know what you are doing, what it is been a week right? That should be enough time for you to know how NOT to smoke crack right? Certainly by you the "crackhead" saying sure I can quit for 25 days or at least 21 days, well we KNOW if you had the money and the access to getting and smoking crackcocaine, you would fall even further in the crack-abyss. Of course I do remember being told hey maybe today is the start of never smoking crack again! Yes it could be. I hope it is. This is a process that is so spiritually draining, we know crackcocaine has incredible power when it will actually have a crackhead finding it easier dealing with crack-crap than the spiritual onslaught that comes when we decide to attack crack. One other interesting comment, when I talked to this crackhead before going to Detroit, he did agree and say that crack talks to you. When I asked him in person in front of everyone, he denied that crack talks to him. He just shrugged it off as if to say hey Todd, see I am not THAT bad of a crackhead because crack does not talk to me, or like purposely going against our presentation to show me up in front of his family. Anyway he knows crack talks to him. I know crack talks to him. Why he is so defiant, is an indication to me he is doing what it takes to keep daddy and mommy happy (because he screwed up again smoking crackcocaine and had to move back home) instead of really wanting freedom from crackcocaine. His next crack-high is really all he wants to go towards. He is not willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to earn this freedom we are talking about. For some reason he thinks freedom is free. Maybe he should ask a soldier in Iraq, or better yet ask a family who lost a member to Saddam's demonic rule for over 30 years, but I have a feeling this "crackhead" from Detroit who DOES NOT do laundry which REAL men do when needed or asked to help with, feels freedom should be handed to him especially since he has NOT smoked crackcocaine for 8 days?! Unless there is a commitment to do the things that WILL stop crackcocaine dead in its tracks, this Detroit crackhead will NOT be able to resist an enemy a lot stronger than all of us, unless we unite and agree to attack crack in any way that exposes it, confronts it and destroys crackcocaine. Every crackhead CAN BE FREE from the grip crackcocaine has on possessed souls. ONLY the crackheads themselves can release the crack-demon from themselves. The enemy has them tricked that this is not possible so stop trying. Crack-demon, it is just cocaine, a drug just like ALL other drugs but NOT a demon. It could NOT be that simple. Yes it can and is. EASY? Not even close to easy. SIMPLE? This is the simplest truth about crackcocaine and what it takes to conquer crack. Crackcocaine IS the devilscandy. That is what it is. John 10:10 tells us the "devil" deceives us so good, like a piece of "candy", once we smoke crackcocaine, he has owner-ship of your soul. The lie goes even deeper when the enemy convinces us we can have crackcocaine and a life too and we will spend many years trying to achieve this and never will. NO I HAVE NOT met any crackhead with a life. There are none. Phony false ones sponsored by the enemy to once again trick us into a "hush hush" and shhhhhh attitude about crackcocaine. Let's not talk about it and by the way give up MY MONEY that I earned the right to spend on crack? No way. I know how to NOT smoke crackcocaine. It is easy. I do it every few weeks or so, NO I MEAN I do not smoke crackcocaine every few weeks! Gosh, you act like I am a crackhead or something!

Crackcocaine is such an evil, arrogant and deceptive tool fromthe enemy! The more we attack, the more deceptive it becomes. Butthat is part of the plan from the enemy. If we would just trust,believe and have faith in a life WITHOUT crackcocaine, it woulddiminish the power crackcocaine has on our soul and spirit. There islife in abundance wihtout crackcocaine. Can anyone say that aboutlife with crackcocaine? How is it that NOT being able to STOP smokingcrackcocaine is a disease? Is this the same as NOT being able to eatjust one Lay's potato chip? Crackcocaine IS the devilscandy. That iswhat it is. And if we need a label put with that, the label will becrackcocaine is a "disease of possession"! The cure is to believe inthe FACT that crackcocaine can be conquered and destroyed forever! Ofcourse this goes way beyond substance abuse and JUST an addiction.Why is it that the simple truth is so difficult to believe? Maybebecause it is too simple. I mean how cute to call crackcocaine "thedevilscandy". What a great gimmick Todd and Camille have come up withto hawk their books and programs! Damn straight it is a greatgimmick. You want to know what though? IT WORKS! Whether a gimmick ora truth of simplicity, it works to STOP CRACKCOCAINE DEAD IN ITSTRACKS! If someone could explain to me how the "evil" got inside ofthose idiots who flew palnes into the Twin Towers, and why when wesmoke crackcocaine this cannot be the same evil (of course withoutscientific data) that possesses the crack-user. WHY? Maybe becausesomewhere poeple do not want the crackcocaine to go away. It wouldcost a lot of jobs in our prison's, treatment centers, probationofficers, and hey let' not forget the crack-punk dealers. Maybe thereis a crackunion out there promoting that NOT being able to STOPsmoking crackcocaine IS a disease, and knowing a lot of people willnot buy into that and Tod and Camille just have a gimmick...lookslike crackcociane is poised to continue to destroy because it IS toosimple to be free forever...Todd the CrackConqueror

Saturday, April 09, 2005

CrackHead 101

This weeks class is on how we do NOT give a crack-head money ever, and no reason is good enough to put money in any amount in a crack-heads hand; and if you do, you are responsible for the consequences, not the crack-head! (if the money did come from you)
I need money for..
Request: Lunch Answer: No you don't here is your sack lunch.
Request: Gas Answer: No you don't I filled your tank.
Request: Cigarettes Answer: No you don't here is a pack opened and with one missing.
Request: I got to pay the dealer back or he'll kill me Answer: Not if you don't go back there.
R- I need bus money A- No here is a bus pass.
R- I have a flat tire A- I will meet you at the tire store.
R- I have bills to pay A- Who do I make the check out to, what's the account number and how much?
R- I need new shoes A- Lets go to the shoe store together.
R- We need to tithe A- Sure lets get a money order with our church name on it and you can place it in the offering plate while we are at church.
R- I need to pay for a doctor's appointment A- What's the doctors name I will write the check and take you.
R- I need a haircut A- I will take you; What salon do you like?
R- I have court fines A- What's your case number so I can call and get the amount and send them a check.

NEVER PUT MONEY IN THE HANDS OF A CRACK-HEAD, EVER! That does not mean forever. Right now though, NO MONEY PERIOD!

How do you know when your crack-head has conquered crack? Crack is conquered when being accountable does not bother them. Crack is conquered when they do not fear crack-cocaine. Crack is conquered when they can hold a job and manage their money, pay their bills and have fun. Crack is conquered when God and their family come first. Crack is conquered when they are happy with their accomplishments and are at peace with themselves and their current surroundings. Crack is conquered when you and family members can trust them again (this happens only after they can trust themselves first). Crack is conquered when they can live their life crack-cocaine free without the assistance of anything else except the truth about crack-cocaine being the devil's candy that is seeking only to kill them. Crack is conquered when they are willing to help others conquer crack-cocaine. Crack is conquered when they can live with themselves the way they are without crack-cocaine and attack the urges and resist.

We frequently like to go over signs and symptoms of crack-cocaine use. We do this to remind you of what to look for.

Crack is cocaine cooked in baking soda and water to form a chunk like piece and then broken in tooth size pieces and is kind of an off white color. The name crack comes from the sound it makes when lit. Crack came about in the early 1970's by American dealers by chance. They had placed some cocaine on tin foil and burned it to test its purity. Then they discovered sniffing the vapors was quite an intense high and the birth of freebasing cocaine was born. From being cooked in baking soda and being so small yet so potently devastating to all life allowed for easy transportation, packing and selling of this horrible drug. The simplicity and abundance of crack-cocaine lead to extreme use and lots of money for crack-punk dealers.

The first thing to look for is his or her pupils will be huge and glassy. Then profuse sweating, drastic weight loss, sensitivity to light and sound, very hyper and does not sleep then followed by complete exhaustion, not eating then eating like crazy, sexual dysfunction, extreme sexual fantasy but cannot follow through, dramatic mood changes, extreme self-confidence, anger, depression, paranoid, suicide thinking, unable to hold a job, intense arguing, very chatty, financial and legal problems, not paying bills, no food in the house, not a penny to their name and are very highly skilled at covering up the where's, the who's, and the what's with denial and lies. He or she may have burns on their lips or hands from smoking crack and sometimes are unable to control urination and bowel movements possibly from having an allergic reaction to the additives in street drugs, menstrual cycle problems, malnutrition and a ton of others that slip the mind.

In pregnancy there can be miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, still birth, addicted newborn, deformities and a number of other problems for the baby. Other risks include: aids, hepatitis and sexual diseases are possible from the practice of un-safe sex for crack. Ways he or she may buy crack include: stealing, writing bad checks, pawning anything he or she can carry, bringing pop bottles back, pan handling, sexual favors, allowing crack-dealers to use their car, giving rides to other crack-users, selling crack, delivery of crack, trade food stamps for crack, give blood for crack, rob banks and people, spend their welfare on crack, steal others checks and forge names, prostitution, break into cars, receive gifts and return them for the money and lots more the list is too long for this news letter. The worst jobs for a crack-head include: waiting tables, cleaning houses, jobs that require traveling alone, jobs at retail stores, driving cab or any job that deals with handling cash and I am sure more that I am not thinking of.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

CrackHeads with Money = lives ruined again and still!

This is from a lucky crackhead with money who only smokes 2 rocks a week! Geez...what a lucky crackhead with money. How come I never was a crackhead as lucky as this one. I was such an under priviledged crackhead.

hi, i am in a strange position. i have been smoking
crack for about a year after abstaining for 15 yrs. i
am now 56. i read all these stories and they all say
about the same thing. what bothers me about my habit
is that once i do my two 20.00 piecies i always stop.
i do it once a week, that is my habit.
how is it that
i am always able to controll the amount i do and how
much i do it?
these people i read about seem to do it
for days. what is it about my habit that i am able to
controll these things. my body always tells me enough
is enough. if i smokede any more than i said, i get
really nausious and my heart would give out. anyway
its really bad and i have been straight for almost
three weeks. i hope i never do it again. i read your
people stories every day. i never got to the lows of
these people who tell their stories. i have been in
bad places as a result of using the drug, but never
had to resort to stealing, although i know what the
lying is all about. how long do you thing it will take
to get rid of the physical urges at this point after
being straight for 17 days? and what about the mental
urges? do they ever stop like they mostly do when you
stop smoking. i have been nicotine free for 5 months.
i have no physical urges, and dont think about it much
until i see someone smoking. i guess if i saw someone
smoking crackk like people smoke cigs. it would be
really hard to quit. what do u think about my

thankyou for your response, although i wish you would
look at my specific comments and questions without
sending me back what appears to be mostly a " form "
response. if you care to look at my specifics, even
though you said i was lucky, i would appreciate it. i
know it must be so hard responding person to person to
everyone who writes, but i appreciate the fact that
you responded at all!!!!,

Thank you 2 rock crackhead.

This is from a crackhead with ONLY $40 on them. Have money...will smoke!

Well as of today I am not good at all this past Friday I did the unthinkable again! YES LUCIFER got me! I am soooo ashamed!!!!! Todd I do not know what happened all I know is I took my brother to court in Wharton and they revoked his porbation due to fees and that had me crying all theway home then got mom something to eat then made an excuse to leave!! WHY???? I am not myself at this moment in time. My man has forgiven me for the $40.00 I spent but is still hurt that I did it......I am on day number 2 again and will try to find my way again....get myself up and dust myself off and no pity party for me got want to get back on with my life because I want my life right for good this time!!!!!

This is so sad...crack is crack -- sad but true! Crackheads with money smoke crack!

This is from a crackhead who thinks leaving money elsewhere will stop crack. Any money ANYWHERE with access to it will bring cracksmoke to the fire of desire to smoke crackcocaine.
Easy...HELL NO! Simple....oh yeah...very!

I tried to get my twin out of using but instead i ended up using too. So far i have been beaten up, lost alot of money, my self respect and need help.
I am alone with two adult sons who dont know that i have used and i have been using for about 8 months now, my twin for 4 years. i hate it, i know it is evil, i see the evil in everything and everyone who does it. i know it is on a seek and destroy mission with everyone it touches. everytime i feel despair i run to it, but all it does is make me not care about everything or anyone. i feel unloved and think if no one loves me why should i love myself. Then the next day i do care about everything, when i go to it i leave most of my money elsewhere so i wont spend it. i think that i am limiting myself but instead end up begging someone for more. One is a tease and 1000 is not enough. please help

Whereever you go you will follow...the enemy knows the deal with money...too bad crackheads do not!

This is from a crackhead with lots of money so he could buy more than he thought he should? HUH?

My name is XXX. i been smoking this shit for 2 weeks. I had a lot of money, so i was buying more than i thought i would.... I had been up for 3 days.... on the 3rd night, i got home with my last 2 rocks, and i smoked them both then started smoking a spliff of cannabis to go to sleep.... Then i could hear this drum beat very repetitive, and getting louder..... my mouth was dry and i needed water yet i decided not to move..... all of a sudden i felt a presence....i ran outta my bedroom into the kitchen downstairs, and drank some water.....the presence had followed me and fully entered me...... something had control of me.... i could talk, but couldn't stop moving......i knew something was inside me trying to gain full control, but it couldn' was enough to scare the shit outta me..... my arms carried on moving, i couldn't stop moving my legs.... my brother got scared.....i rang the ambulance and told the operator i had been spiked with something in my cigarette......when they came, i ran up into my bedroom (where i had been smoking it like a dickhead) to put some clothes on and open the windows...... but i heard the "hell beat" again..... this time i could feel the presence deeper, and i ran out of the house...into the ambulance....they took me hospital and left me in the waiting room for 1 hour.... i was still moving but a lot less than before......i was still stuttering when i taLKED and also rubbing my chest , my legs, licking my lips, talking very fast and carelessly...... plus i was understanding exactly everything around me....but i just couldn't help being normal...... i was fucked properly....the doctor came out to see me and told me to get lost and go home.....he treated me like a junkie and didn't have the slightest care for what i had just gone through or experienced.... my heart was still beating fast.... i rang a taxi and got a lift home....i'm lucky it was still early morning and no one really saw me in that state....i was still moving and stutteri g really fast....thye driver dropped me outside my house and went.....i knocked my door, and my sis in law opened it.....i entered the house and went up to get my trainers, but as i looked up the stairs, i felt the presence stronger than ever, and my vision went temporarily red with smoke from one else could see or feel what i was seeing and feeling... i ran to the kitchen for more water but "it" chased me and got hold of my left arm, i could feel pains there......i ran out of the house, then it weared off....... then i realised this must be the gateway to your own personal hell, that i have just created.....every time i'd heard about this shit, i thought it was rubbish until it happened to me...... this was the most (messed) up experience of my life..... that has made me stop this shit...., also it makes me feel like killing every bastard that sells it or promotes it...... thats all....... i thought i was the only one....
I am from a little town called Bedford, in England....

Angry crackheads possessed and with lots of money will bring the enemy to devour your soul, chew it up and spit it out...right in your stupid crackhead with money's face.

This is from the woman in love with a crackhead with money. Gift money at that. Here have the gift of for crack!

Hi Camille. Well, things were trying to be good. Seems as soon as the job came along, our lives have been turned upside down again. XXXX finished his 75 days, and shortly after decided to have a drink on his birthday Nov 5th, then 2 days later more and more after that went back on antabuse. blah blah
He got a nice new job and they said they could give him a check so he would have some Christmas money. On Thursday he decided not to meet me after work on Friday. (Plotting already I guess knowing he would be paid that day and did not tell me) Instead, he got paid, bought crack and weed. Today, Monday, I come home and he's not here. TV, lights and heater on. He's gone. Then I listen to my messages. It's good ol Karma again. He got himself picked up and put back in jail somehow. Same ol scenario. The system still has this warrant on file that has not been updated. Well, I call it Karma. he belongs in jail for what he "really" did. Too bad they didn't find drugs on him. Needless to say, I'm fed up. I am telling him this is his last chance. If he can't deal, he's going to a 2 year program. Won't see me for 18 months either. I think that's fair. I'm sorry, I'm venting. I can't go to the group because no one there is very supportive, just a bunch of angry people. and listen to What a joy I am.
I just want you to know what's been going on since 75 days. After 75 days, it seems like he just went no further. What do people do after the time is up with this program? What is the next step? That part was really unclear. All just fell flat on its face. We are at a loss with this. I did my part the best I could. I really feel like I am losing all respect and a lot of love for him. How can I when he disrespects this house and puts us at risk? I can't even tell you anything else. It's all too shocking and embarassing. Did you get my last E-mail? I didn't hear back. Please let me know that you got this one.

Thank you for the Christmas card and thinking of us. We just received it.

Merry Crackmas!...All I want for Crackmas is my crack^^money, my crack^^money!

This is from an offer to buy enemy never stops trying eh?

Are you willing to sell to me.
I am starting a new business and thought this would be a good name. I'm making an offer of 1500 USD. please let me know.
Thanks for your time.
Best Regards,

$1500.00 ya think that is enough? Hmmm?! I don't think so...devilscandy IS NOT 4sale...not now not ever...NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL EVER BE ENOUGH! Are you kidding! The enemy comes to me with a million$ sell and then not be here to bring the truth about crackcocaine! NICE TRY Luci...

This is from a crackhead about ready to loose everything because he lies about his money and has to have it...oh he gives his girl some...lies about other money coming and smokes crack...DUH?!

In the quest to conquer cocaine addiction, is it ok for a crack addict to
drink? My boyfriend who is trying to conquer crack addiction seems to think
anytime he chooses since he is 45 years old is ok, he didn't hurt anyone or
anything. He just gave me a check the other day he cashed last week of $750
because he had cashed it and had temptations. He still holds the atm card
and has access to his money, because he doesn't want to be controlled.
I so
much long to help, but am very hurt tonight because he gets upset everytime
I question him when he decides to drink. I am seriously considering giving
up on this relationship of three years. I have waited two years for him to
stop and even tells me how he can't drink when I'm not here and how he
messed up over the last month almost every weekend for a month. I was gone
to Florida with a job, and he used every Saturday night or Sunday evening.
Made it to work everytime he did it on a Sunday evening, but does that make
it ok, does that mean he is getting better?
Any advice would help!
Thank you,

This crackhead with money is about to loose his job, woman and everything just because he cannot give up the money to someone who he supposedly loves and trusts. Thing is he trusts the enemy more...and that is obvious. Hmmm? Let us see...I trust myself as a crackhead with money more than my beautiful woman who loves me...and would rather put money into a crack-punk dealer and support crackcocaine evil than to give up the money so he can stop the madness. This qualifies as a really stupid crackhead with money!

Another offer to buy What is going on! No it is not for sale!

Are you interested in selling
If so, please respond with your asking price or at least a price range if your looking for offers. We are planning to make a web portal. Our purpose is to buy this domain from you and use it in this project. We can make the domain transfer operations safety, over I can pay for the cost of domain transfer operations. If you accept, please let me know.
Thanks for your time.
Best Regards,

No crack-smoking!

This is from a crackhead with money who does not think he has a problem and refuses to DIRECT DEPOSIT.

I'm going to get a phone card so I can call you later on. ( Don't have long distance on the phone) Is there a good time to call you thisd evening? I don't know if my husband would be willing to talk this time. (His name is Nick.) Like I said, this time he SWEARS he doesn't have a problem. His mom said, " He said he was just TESTING himself." Then why did he call a crack dealer the next day? They enable him to do this because they give him a place to go crash. It's insane. I think he would rather divorce me than admit he has a problem. No, I'm not working right now. Had to stay home and babysit him. We have 3 girls and 1 boy. I am 22.He is only 25. (My name is Michelle- everybody calls me Shell though) He isn't willing to direct deposit that check somewhere. In fact, he got his settlement recently and I couldn't even TOUCH it. He carried around that much cash in his wallet. I'm in Pensacola Florida and we have central time. I love him more than anything in this world and I do not want to leave him. I said earlier, there is a GREAT man in there somewhere.

A great man in there somewhere with money to buy crack. Crackheads with money are not great men...there are stupid crackhead guys men fellas....

CrackHeads with money = lives ruined again and still!