Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why Not Crack Anonymous?

Maybe because 12 steps do not work to conquer crack possession. Oh maybe for abstinence but not for complete freedom. How about the new 12 steps of Crackaholics Anonymous? If we can invent a disease for whatever we have such as road rage, and push the responsibility towards anything but ourselves, then big money happens except not in your pockett. The new IED's that are insurance accepted brings us to an all time low regarding diseases of addiction that really do not exist anyway. So hey, then why not Crackaholics anonymous! Rageaholics anonymous! I don't want to do Thataholics anonymous! Eat stupid foodaholics anonymous! Just plain stupidaholics anonymous! Wait this is it...Anonymously Anonymous Anonymous! Hi I am Todd and I am an Anonymous Anonymous....Hi To_ _...oops your supposed to be anonymous, stupid!