Friday, December 03, 2004

Crack-heads with money!

So we just get out of jail and we get a job and within two weeks we have some money, somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars. Out of no-where the crack-head says, "Boy am I hungry. I think I will go down to the store and get me some food. Hey, "George"(his brother), can I borrow your truck and go get some food? I will be right back! I promise." What is not revealed, said and reminded is that this is how it should have gone..."Oh and by the way, I am a crack-head fresh out of jail and have over two hundred dollars in my pocket and I just need to use your truck so I can buy some food..OK?" Sure crack-head you can use my vehicle. I trust you and I ESPECIALLY trust crack. Crack is crack...Sad but true! I believe you when you say you will be right back. C ya in a little bit, and can ya bring me some candy? A twixt bar would be great. More like a twist of the mind. Bent so far it seems like no end is in sight. Will this crack-crap ever stop? NOT IF WE LET A CRACK-HEAD FRESH OUT OF JAIL FIRST GO OUT ALONE AND THEN HAVE TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS ON THEM! Is this stupid? No it is not. This is what happens with crack. It is sneaky and overwhelming. The urges take over all of your inner being. Completely dominating your thoughts. More crack, more crack, more crack...more...more...more! Crack is crack...sad but true. DIRECT DEPOSIT. DIRECT DEPOSIT. DIRECT DEPOSIT. These words probably piss off a crack-head more than the words "crack-head". It is because they know that their access to crack is in jeporady. TOO BAD! We need to interupt the crack-cycle. This cannot be done when a crack-head gets money before they are ready to deal with THAT temptation. I did not handle or touch money for the first 6 months...NONE. Then I asked and wanted Camille to handle the money so I could focus on stopping the madness of smoking crack-cocaine instead of fighting the overwhelming urges every second of every day because I had money! It was 2 more YEARS before I started to touch money. Today I handle all the money in our house. Camille and I agree as to how we spend our money and money is not a crack-object or temptation at all. Until this is reached, a crack-head never gets money and has to be willing to direct deposit...NOW.