Monday, June 26, 2006

Compassion Does Not Mean Acceptance

A deep awareness of your suffering is the compassion I have. I pity the possession you feel. I understand how demonic crack is and because of this understanding I know how to stop this demonic madness dead in its tracks. Are you ready to do what it takes for freedom forever or just ready to ease the chaos long enough to get a better crack smoking-plan? Until your are completely ready for complete freedom, crack will have its way with you litle by little then in huge chunks out of your life. Are you completely ready? If so click on this link, or this link, do what they say, trust our 27 years dealing directly and specifically with crack cocaine and you will find freedom from crack cocaine possession. Then it is up to you to keep that freedom and pay your price for your freedom. We do not know what that is, but it has to be worth it, don't ya think?