Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crack and

When Todd’s court day came, I went to it. Mostly out of my curiosity, because I had never been to someone's trial. The judge sentenced him to 12 months in jail with no time served (4 months) meant that he was to be in jail 13 months. Todd was able to get into a work release program. His father hired him to sweep floors at his factory. A manager picked him up each morning and I drove him back to jail each night. During that time, we really got to know each other. All we could really do was talk, but we did have some fun. Even took Sue “trick or treating”. A no…no but Todd always found a way to have good time and create memories.

My first experience with crack happened a few weeks after Todd got out of jail. Todd’s dad owns a hot tubs factory, a very fine line, #5 in the industry. A big hot tub show was happening in Atlantic City, NJ. Todd traveled there with his dad followed by a short crack vacation in Florida.

Todd had called me every night while in Atlantic City but when traveled to Florida to visit his grandmother the calls stopped. I knew he was to fly home soon and I had not heard from him so I called his grandma to ask about him and she told me he disappeared. I tried to get information but grandma, was too sad to talk. I thought something terrible happened; little did I know; something terrible did happen. I called his dad and had to hold the phone away from my ear he was so angry at Todd I think he could of killed him. I was very upset I had no idea what was going on. Todd’s dad just said he did it again… I kept asking what? He just screamed in the phone I’m so f**kn sick of it and slammed the phone down. I received a call back from Todd the day he was to fly out and he just said he’ll explain when he got home. My spirit was torn inside, I paced the floor until the minute he finally walked in the door which was several hours after he should of.

Seriously, as I am writing this, trying to recall the incidents seemed impossible. It’s all a blurb in the past. I will share the incidents that I remember. All the in-between stuff really does not matter. What matters is that you understand that I understand what you have been through or are going though. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this book you will find hope that you too can become a survivor. Hopefully you no longer are a victim of crack cocaine, by learning to live in victory over crack cocaine.