Monday, February 28, 2005

"Attacking Crack"

Well well...what a few weeks of the crackcrap! So many of you are NOT doing what you know you should be doing to "attack crack". You are accepting crack in your life in some capacity. It could be in your "home" BUT not in your "room". Or it could be a person is still out all hours of the day and night and are still allowed to live and stay and eat food and even watch TV in this "home". It could simply be just turning and looking the other way. My favorite "river in Egypt" excuse is the, "it is a really bad hang over", or " he has an alcohol problem", and better yet, " I have JUST an alcohol problem"! In whatever capicity crack has crept back in, simply attack "it" again and watch it run and Crack DOES NOT like to be attacked. The really sad part is a lot of you have "attacked crack" and actually watched it run from your and far! Now you have stopped attacking crack in less than 6 months and look what is going on. Crack-is-back! So 6 month or maybe 2 1/2 years is too much to be free from crack forever? Am I asking too much? Maybe you are asking yourself too much. Our average days alive on earth is 27,375 days. So it probably IS asking too much to sacrifice oh maybe 180 days and maybe up to 900 days to live 21,000 days crackfree? 4% of your life attacking and fighting crack? It is not your fault your are possessed by crack. It is your fault for NOT "attacking crack". So lets recap. We live 27,375 days. If we say crack contaminates at 15 years old, (which is getting truer by the day) and we ask and you ask yourself to fight for your soul and spirit for 900 days or less and you will be free forever, and can LIVE your life crackfree forever...naw I guess it is not worth it. Nevermind.....Todd