Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally Some Blog-Time

Well blog-ing is a difficult item to find time for. It has been too long since I blogged. Hey I know become a blogger! My goal is to make an effort everyday or 2, and blog about conquering crack or maybe tell a little story for encouragement.
My crack-hell days were so horrible EVERYDAY, I am amazed I am alive to tell you just that. I hate to think of the torture of dying high on crackcoaine! The enemy loves that thought. I truly feel that is the goal. To keep the crack smoking going until people die high on crack. Our souls will be lost forever if we continue to smoke crackcocaine.
I realize in some lives many tragic events have happened. It is incredible to hear of all the sexual abuse suffered at a young age. A lot if not most NEVER get free from that bondage. When I get real nasty towards crack, and those that keep relapsing over and over agian even with apparently some program they seem to be working, it is because I know ONCE you do in fact get free from the stranglehold crack gets on us, then we can begin to conquer the "other" layers that have been squashed from crack-use. When you learn HOW to stop crack dead in its tracks, you can do this with ALL the enemies darts. That is what all this is about. Squashing ALL of the enemies darts. Whether from moloestation, addiction, being beat, never knowing true love and all kinds of other situations, it is up to us to find that faith we talk about so much. This is not easy. The mystery of faith can elude us in an instant. Then when we include crack cocaine, it is magnified a million times over. AND that is just what the enemy tries to accomplish. Breeding NO HOPE! Well I am hear to tell you, when we squash crack, we squash the enemy. AND why would you NOT want to do that! When you do that, it releases crack's grip forever. That is it. Just like that.