Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crack Kids

When we smoke crack, we kill children. If it is not in the physical, it IS in the emotional and spiritual. The exposure to kids is so deeply penetrating, the enemy loves it. The "enemy" you say who might that be? Well, when crack-cocaine enters the kindergarten arena from a child killing a 6 year old classmate with a gun brought from the crack-house home he lived in, and the media goes into their usual mis-guided attempt to focus on the gun and not the is no wonder children are dying everyday from crack. We do not hear about it though because it is disguised as "abuse", "neglect", too young of a parent and a host of "other" excuses as to why a child might be in a horrible situation surrounded by crack, yet that is NOT why the child has only an existence or none at all as in dead. If we ask ourselves how many crack-heads there really are out there, do we just ignore the fact that children are also around the crack. If this generation of crack-head parents do not stop smoking crack, then how can we expect the innocent children to be able to get this stuff out of their lives. Crack destroys everything. The parents of the 2 month old baby that died because they FORGOT to feed their child is a clear warning that crack-cocaine is the most evil "substance" known to mankind. So what do we do about that? Crack-cocaine needs to be attacked 24/7. We can never let our guard down when it comes to crack. For that baby to die during the Thanksgiving Holiday is disgusting and sick. When we celebrate this Holiday we are supposed to be thankful for what we have, not what we lost or do not have. I am so sickened by this baby dying. I have been free from crack for many several years. Today I attack crack regardless of the negativity expressed by "traditional" and "group fellowship terroists" who are brainwashed into actually believing that "their" way and the 12 step god Bill W.'s way is THE ONLY way to "arrest" their "addiction" to anything. Well...this is such a true fact that those that practice it are blinded by the fact that they ARE "arresting" their "addiction" and that IS all they are doing. The simple fact the we were created by God to have a life of prosperity and freedom to have a life, and that means we were not created to smoke crack-cocaine. This transforms into the FACT that because of this, crack can be conquered for life and we can be crack-free forever from the possession of crack-cocaine simply because this is NOT what God has planned for our live's. The enemy loves it when we complicate crack and catagorize it into "all other substances abuse" and therefore we MUST attend meetings which become an addiction to themselves, but hey this is the only way...right? WRONG.