Saturday, April 09, 2005

CrackHead 101

This weeks class is on how we do NOT give a crack-head money ever, and no reason is good enough to put money in any amount in a crack-heads hand; and if you do, you are responsible for the consequences, not the crack-head! (if the money did come from you)
I need money for..
Request: Lunch Answer: No you don't here is your sack lunch.
Request: Gas Answer: No you don't I filled your tank.
Request: Cigarettes Answer: No you don't here is a pack opened and with one missing.
Request: I got to pay the dealer back or he'll kill me Answer: Not if you don't go back there.
R- I need bus money A- No here is a bus pass.
R- I have a flat tire A- I will meet you at the tire store.
R- I have bills to pay A- Who do I make the check out to, what's the account number and how much?
R- I need new shoes A- Lets go to the shoe store together.
R- We need to tithe A- Sure lets get a money order with our church name on it and you can place it in the offering plate while we are at church.
R- I need to pay for a doctor's appointment A- What's the doctors name I will write the check and take you.
R- I need a haircut A- I will take you; What salon do you like?
R- I have court fines A- What's your case number so I can call and get the amount and send them a check.

NEVER PUT MONEY IN THE HANDS OF A CRACK-HEAD, EVER! That does not mean forever. Right now though, NO MONEY PERIOD!

How do you know when your crack-head has conquered crack? Crack is conquered when being accountable does not bother them. Crack is conquered when they do not fear crack-cocaine. Crack is conquered when they can hold a job and manage their money, pay their bills and have fun. Crack is conquered when God and their family come first. Crack is conquered when they are happy with their accomplishments and are at peace with themselves and their current surroundings. Crack is conquered when you and family members can trust them again (this happens only after they can trust themselves first). Crack is conquered when they can live their life crack-cocaine free without the assistance of anything else except the truth about crack-cocaine being the devil's candy that is seeking only to kill them. Crack is conquered when they are willing to help others conquer crack-cocaine. Crack is conquered when they can live with themselves the way they are without crack-cocaine and attack the urges and resist.

We frequently like to go over signs and symptoms of crack-cocaine use. We do this to remind you of what to look for.

Crack is cocaine cooked in baking soda and water to form a chunk like piece and then broken in tooth size pieces and is kind of an off white color. The name crack comes from the sound it makes when lit. Crack came about in the early 1970's by American dealers by chance. They had placed some cocaine on tin foil and burned it to test its purity. Then they discovered sniffing the vapors was quite an intense high and the birth of freebasing cocaine was born. From being cooked in baking soda and being so small yet so potently devastating to all life allowed for easy transportation, packing and selling of this horrible drug. The simplicity and abundance of crack-cocaine lead to extreme use and lots of money for crack-punk dealers.

The first thing to look for is his or her pupils will be huge and glassy. Then profuse sweating, drastic weight loss, sensitivity to light and sound, very hyper and does not sleep then followed by complete exhaustion, not eating then eating like crazy, sexual dysfunction, extreme sexual fantasy but cannot follow through, dramatic mood changes, extreme self-confidence, anger, depression, paranoid, suicide thinking, unable to hold a job, intense arguing, very chatty, financial and legal problems, not paying bills, no food in the house, not a penny to their name and are very highly skilled at covering up the where's, the who's, and the what's with denial and lies. He or she may have burns on their lips or hands from smoking crack and sometimes are unable to control urination and bowel movements possibly from having an allergic reaction to the additives in street drugs, menstrual cycle problems, malnutrition and a ton of others that slip the mind.

In pregnancy there can be miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, still birth, addicted newborn, deformities and a number of other problems for the baby. Other risks include: aids, hepatitis and sexual diseases are possible from the practice of un-safe sex for crack. Ways he or she may buy crack include: stealing, writing bad checks, pawning anything he or she can carry, bringing pop bottles back, pan handling, sexual favors, allowing crack-dealers to use their car, giving rides to other crack-users, selling crack, delivery of crack, trade food stamps for crack, give blood for crack, rob banks and people, spend their welfare on crack, steal others checks and forge names, prostitution, break into cars, receive gifts and return them for the money and lots more the list is too long for this news letter. The worst jobs for a crack-head include: waiting tables, cleaning houses, jobs that require traveling alone, jobs at retail stores, driving cab or any job that deals with handling cash and I am sure more that I am not thinking of.