Tuesday, January 04, 2005

CrackCocaine...Addiction? Disease? Possession?

Agape Love. Unconditional love, a perfect feat of balance. Not just a state of mind, but a state of doing. One we often dream of obtaining. One, we can easily assume we live in naturally. Seems most us do not get the opportunity to practice it.
I stumbled unaware into it. At the time I was so absorbed in the terror and desperation of events, about my crackhead son. Agape Love as a motivation or end result, it was not even on my mind. Long after the experience, one day while deep into a discussion about my hairdresser's relationship with his alcoholic father, and my past six years with my crackhead son, he remarked with a tinge of envy, "You have Agape Love for your son!"
"It doesn't matter what the bond is", I told her, and "He does not have it". None of us were going to pay it, and I started to cry. "He's a crackhead. We are all standing by him but he is a hopeless crackhead. We have tried everything. He has tried and failed so many times. He used to be a completely different person".

Crackcocaine has found its way into the family structure. It is now arrived in kindergarten. The killing of a first grade child in Flint, Michigan on February 29, 2000 from a gun found in a crackhouse by her six year old classmate ought to wake us up. All the news stories and crimes associated with crackcocaine are so dark and at times so unbelievable it makes me cringe to think about the horrible things I've done just to smoke crackcocaine. Unless we confront this hideous substance (we call the DevilsCandy and goes by the name "Rock"), it will devour more souls. Once possessed by this horrible force, it is only by the grace of God that we find complete freedom from the possession and contamination of crackcocaine.

Developing a program to living your life crackfree is a process of finding ways that will help you. We need to not worry about making mistakes. We will have to learn from those mistakes. A strong support team and developing your relationship with God has to be. We have a belief that there is a better life than the pathetic one that crackcocaine brings you to. Crackcocaine can be conquered! You can live your life without it. We are here to bring you our truths about crackcocaine.
Addiction, disease or possession? Or all three?! First we need to understand what crackcocaine is. Addiction is the habitual use and feeling of need of a substance. Disease is a pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms. Possession is to take into control. Crackcocaine takes a person's soul into control, even changing their character (attributes, traits, or abilities) and rapes them of their moral values, and keeps them from having a valuable life. This is true for both the person using and those involved with the user. It is our belief that when a person uses crackcocaine it possesses their body, soul and spirit.

We visualize that the smoke of crackcocaine is the very breath of Lucifer. We believe crackcocaine is an actual evil force out to destroy those that are possessed by the breath of Lucifer and the sweetness of the devil's candy. In a disease, the affects are to the individual; an addiction affects first the individual. Crackcocaine immediately effects everyone involved with the user, including the user. So forever possessed? No, crackcocaine can only possess you as long as you let it.

Expose crackcocaine! Tell everyone you know that your loved one is possessed by crackcocaine. It does not matter who knows. The more you expose crackcocaine the less power it has on you or your loved one. Camille even told the grocery clerks about it and gave the manager a picture and told them Todd is possessed by crackcocaine and may try to cash a bad check here. You know what? They did call when Todd tried to do this. Camille would tell local police, neighbors, all family members, pastor and EVERYONE she came in contact with and it worked! CrackTodd started to lose power and my Todd is the man we knew he is! CrackTodd could not go anywhere in the area we lived in without Camille finding out. So SPEAK! This is your life and your loved ones soul you are fighting for. Embarrassment never gets you to a crackfree life, but taking control does. Tom Petty has a song that has a line in it that goes, “I'm taking control of my life, right now!”. So can you. So can your loved one.