Friday, May 30, 2008


Coming here to post an addiction website! How stupid is that. Oh yeah crack is just another addiction, right? Go ahead and go to meetings and call your sponsor and have that stop the demonic pull to smoke crack. Afterall that works, right? Why do stupid people keep trying to change what works. I know! Without the theory of addiction instilling the fear that "their way" is the way to stop crack! Ask a true blue professional crackhead (oops I mean crack-addicted person) what stops crack for them! I know you will NEVER hear them say, I just make that call or walk to a meeting. Yeah that'll really work to stop the enemy! The enemy? Crack is not the enemy. It is an addiction only....
Listen stupid case you did not know I see stupid people....I have been given the gift of "seeing stupidity"...and the stupidity I see surrounding crack, is more than amazing. CRACK COCAINE IS THE DEVILSCANDY!
Oh it's not? Well then what is it really? I would like someone who has never smoked crack to answer that. You will find your answer on page 13, section 75 and the 913th word on the page. BUT before you go Proverbs 12:1.
Oh there you go again Todd, preaching God again.
Well without God life sucks. Then when you add really sucks. But hey it must be really complicated to stop smoking crack. We have to remember all the people who need to get paid to stop crack...judges sentencing crackheads to 12 steps, the insurance backed "programs", the "addiction specialists" and all the rest of the network that believes all crackheads have bi-polar and have had some deep family issue along withn some brian mal-function that leads to crack.
Can't we crackheads all just get along. All crackheads want the "usual" programs to keep going because that will insure crackheads getting and continuing to get and smoke crack...and we really understand that they will have this "addiction" the rest of their lives.
Gloom and doom.
Can't stop.
My sponsor wasn't home.
Boo hoo stopping crack can't be that simple.
It must stay impossible...unless.............................