Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Crack-Cocaine Behavior - "It's not crack it's just things in my life are so tough right now"!

Aren't we all sick of crappy behaviors So when a person stays out all night and has no food in the refridgerator, and cable is shut-off and we continually buy from Goodwill instead of striving for new "things" in life that we can in fact call "our own", and our car is a mess inside and we go through it for hours with such a "tweaking" and find nothing that we really were not looking for anyway, and the constant "chattering" with questions of complete irrelevant content just to talk, and go out to get "a book of matches" and get threatened by "crack-dealers" so we give them our car, and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on..........and we say this is not crack behavior? So does crack-behavior come only when we smoke crack? Who knows for sure, do you? "It's not crack, I was just sick yesterday...AGAIN". Seems people are sick a lot with 18 hour bugs. Weird. We are late for work because we overslept, I think the power went out or something! Ever heard of a wind up alarm clock? Why are your eyes bugging out and so red? "Oh that is because this time of the year with all the 'christmas trees' and their "sap" branches and oh yeah the "pine needles" gets my eyes going. I must be alergic to "Christmas Trees". Must be. What is weird though, is when we pass "pine needles" other times of the year and in different locations, this does not seem to happen. "Oh, it is the christmas "pine needles". Oh, I see. How stupid of me not to realize that insane statement. Hey, let me ask you...does anyone REALLY believe that crap? Oh, you do. Well I do not. Crack behavior sucks...even if it is the "non-using" crack-behavior. I AM NOT A CRACK-HEAD. I HAVE NOT SMOKED ANY CRACK IN THREE WEEKS...EXCEPT FOR TODAY!! Another crack-head behavior, but it is not crack....ssshhhh!!