Monday, December 13, 2004

Is it REALLY crack-cocaine?

Well...he is not smoking as much as he used too! Living in a Crack-Hotel with a crack-ho living the crack-life is just so wonderful. I had a great job. I had a great wife. My kids are great too! Funny thing is I do not know who they are or who I am! Oh wait, that's right-"I am not a crack-head, I haven't smoked crack in three weeks except for today. Besides that, I am not on DRUGS. My life is going good. I lost my job, left my wife and kids, exist with a woman who loves crack and hey, I have convinced my entire family that they are crazy and everything is F.I.N.E., it is not crack or at least not as much, so what's the big deal?"
The big deal is your a liar, cheat and a completely possessed crack-head. I know when we are completely possessed by crack, we feel hopeless. This is not an admitted feeling though. We are 10 feet tall and bazooka proof when we smoke crack. When in reality we are a micrscopic ameba in a pond of lies and despair. The despair associated with crack-cocaine is so deep it will actually paint or bring a picture of life and crack together. Crack and life cannot go together. Oh they do go along for awile side by side...then crack statrs to make its move. Once it has progressed to possession, the cloud of evil surrounding people who use crack, or in language of truth..."crack-heads", is so thick and decieving it will blind all around it and convince life that crack can come along. It is pathetic to watch a person's life be destroyed by crack. So sad. The amazing thing to me still to this day is how "crack-life" can convince so many people that either it is not crack, or that they are not using drugs and could and never would do "stuff" like "that" and that everyone else is crazy and life is just hectic right now and the job has issues and my spouse is just spewing because I am NOT smoking crack so whatever all the "weird" circumstances are, are just that "weird circumstances" and I realy do not know what you are talking about. All the Mom's who cannot admit their baby might be a crack-head. All the Dad's who keep trying to fix the problem with money. All the spouses who want to be "the crack" in their wondering "other" spouses life instead of actual crack! What a f 'ing mess crack-cocaine causes!! No way...shhhhhhhhh. it is not crack....shhhhhhh. Why crack? Because crack-cocaine is the devil's candy. Has anyone got a better description for this stuff? Crack-cocaine is what it is and does what it does simply to destroy life from the inside out. That is why it is so difficult. It contaminates and then possesses from the inside. The smoke from crack is Lucifer's breathe going straight inside your body. What a great gimmick he has got to possess souls. Smoke this candy and...