Saturday, November 27, 2004

Still Crack-Cocaine

Now that it is after Thanksgiving, we need to continue to be thankful we are crack-free, and if we are not crack-free then get into our web-site and do our programs and find your freedom from crack-cocaine possession! You too can be free forever. Is it easy? No.

Crack Cocaine

The time we spend chasing crack or the person smoking crack is astronomical. We must stop chasing crack cocaine if we want a chance to conquer this insidious stuff. Like in a group setting such as: "Hi my name is Todd and I am "The Crack Conquerer!" Well not really saying that...I am sure that the "group" would not let me get away with saying that so I will try this: "Hi I'm a crack-head named Todd". "HI CRACK-HEAD". That's better. When I get so grandiose in my thinking that I am actually "The Crack Conquerer" people want to say horrible things about me, my wife and this ministry. When all we really want to do is stop the madness of smoking crack-cocaine. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less...just stopping the madness of smoking crack-cocaine is the mission of Does it really matter how crack is conquered? No! Some would have you think that there is only one way to stop crack. The narrowed mindedness of this statement is what keeps so many continually spinning in the crack crap circle of despair. So if we do not do this or that we will NEVER be OK against crack. That is what kept me spinning for years. The thought that now that I have tried "their" method for over a year, and the overwhelming urges are STILL haunting every thought in my mind...well it must be because you are NOT working the "program"! Well I am hear to tell you...I worked and worked and worked the "program" to the best of my limited possessed ability at the time and I continued to struggle with how to stop these stupid urges. Well go to a meeting. Fine. That worked while I was at a meeting, but I still had to deal with myself and time and when a sponsor or meeting were not there to rescue me and save ne from myself and crack. But is not a drug a drug? NO. This is such a crock of bull. Crack-cocaine possesses your body, soul and spirit. And i challenge ANYONE to prove different. Oh it is a disease of addiction? Hmmm? So I still have that disease? Or did I "cure" that disease? No...this disease CANNOT be "cured"! So what did I do? I am free forever from crack. What am I? Just not using? A diseased addict with no symptoms? A miracle? Hitler? God? A special crack-head married to a special non-addict? Could it be possible that a special non-addict could actually help stop the madness of smoking crack-cocaine? CRACK-COCAINE CAN BE CONQUERED FOREVER AND YOU CAN BE FREE FROM THE CONTAMINATION AND POSSESSION OF CRACK-COCAINE.