Saturday, April 30, 2005



Developing a program to living your life crack-free is a process of finding ways that will help you. We need to not worry about making mistakes. We will have to learn from those mistakes. A strong support team and developing your relationship with God has to be. We have a belief that there is a better life than the pathetic one that crack cocaine brings you to. Crack cocaine can be conquered! You can live your life without it. We are here to bring you our truths about crack cocaine. Addiction, disease or possession? Or all three?! First we need to understand what crackcocaine is. Addiction is the habitual use and feeling of need of a substance. Disease is a pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms. Possession is to take into control. Crackcocaine takes a person's soul into control, even changing their character (attributes, traits, or abilities) and rapes them of their moral values, and keeps them from having a valuable life. This is true for both the person using and those involved with the user. It is our belief that when a person uses crack cocaine it possesses their body, soul and spirit. We visualize that the smoke of crack cocaine is the very breath of Lucifer. We believe crack cocaine is an actual evil force out to destroy those that are possessed by the breath of Lucifer and the sweetness of the devil's candy. In a disease, the affects are to the individual; an addiction affects first the individual. Crack cocaine immediately effects everyone involved with the user, including the user. So, forever possessed? No, crackcocaine can only possess you as long as you let it.

Before you start the process.
First you must view yourself as just a person who wants to stop smoking crack cocaine. This is even if and when we say we don’t want to stop.
Second we must accept the fact that no one can do anything to make you stop smoking crack cocaine. You must choose what works for you to stop smoking crack cocaine. If one way does not work, try another way.
Third important item is to accept all progress however seemingly small and seemingly insignificant it is, as success. When you fall, pick yourself up from where you fell, apply all the knowledge and progress you have obtained and continue your program for living your life crack cocaine free.
The fourth thing is…have hope in yourself. The hardest obstacle in front of you, is you. You have heard testimony that living life without crack cocaine is possible. Your experience with adverse situations will provide the strength and desire for this new life.
Start with thirty days to cleanse, either in a treatment center which is preferred because of the medical things that can happen when getting crack cocaine out of your system, or you can devise a plan to do this at home.This one would mean zero money, no car, no job, no phone, no alcohol, no drugs unless prescribed by a doctor…nothing. It does not matter if you have a job because the money was already going to crack cocaine anyway. Go to church or a meeting or both. Start going to safe crack-free places. Begin gathering your support team. This does not have to be forever. It does need to be right now until the behavior and actions support a non-crack cocaine daily pattern.
Read the bible or any other printed words of healing truths. Write in a journal everyday. Writing is a wonderful and powerful tool, maybe the strongest. Be safe in a safe place with safe people, ALWAYS! Do not go anywhere alone. Always have a safe person with you. Do not be alone during this time, not for a minute, not for a second. Use your own or any kind of support team to help you. On line chat groups are available during times when it is not possible to have a person with you at home. Be safe in a safe place with safe people 24/7, no excuses.