Saturday, July 01, 2006

12 Steps Do Not Work for Professional Crackheads

Why? Because there is not one scripture in any part of this fellowship. Why? Because this was formed by a drunk for atheist drunks. When we choose a God and form and shape this God to suite a lifestyle and say something like I am a born again Gay Christian, it is like saying I am an active crackhead and you CAN trust me with your money and valuables! When we read DO NOT LAY WITH A MAN LIKE YOU WOULD WITH A WOMAN, THIS IS DETESTABLE...what part of what word do I have the incorrect meaning of? Hey I know let's change it to mean "I do not WANT to lay with a woman, therefore that would be detestable because that is not what I WANT to do so I will lay with a man because I WANT to so that is not detestable because it is what I WANT to do. There...that's better.
The non-gay non-smoking non-possessed non-12 step non-crackhead crackhead