Wednesday, November 14, 2007

God's Touch

There is no doubt that the music that is on my site comes from God's touch. I have played guitar since I was 5 years old. I pawned my prize 1958 Gibson ES 335 double cut away Sunburst finish dotted fret guitar for stupid crack...never getting it back. I now have 4 wionderful guitars...but still to this day have nightmares on letting that guitar go for crack. My mom got me that guitar in 1969 for $125 from a guy going to Vietnam who cried over selling it to go there. I truly hope whoever has it...has the blessing of that guitar. It had such a sweet sound...and now that I have my own music...I do not have my prize guitar. See what crack does...steals everything. My guitars that I do have now have the same blessings from how I got them, the strings I use to the sound I do get from them. I am blessed with wonderful guitars with the horrible and sad memories of giving in to crack by letting my prize guitar go...and just to smoke crack! Now that ought to tell you the power and pull of crack...and...crack cocaine is PISSIN me off!