Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Girls

To Sue: You too, my lovely daughter, are a crack cocaine survivor. God is good. He allows us to move on and forget some of the bad things we’ve lived through. I love you. I know “Toddy” loved you first. You will always be his first and our first. I am so proud of you.

To Sarah & Staci: You’re both too young to understand, but in time you will. I thank God for both of you and for allowing both your dad and I to be in your lives. God has great plans for both of you and I am privileged to be apart of that.

To those still suffering in the crack cocaine madness:


You may think it is hopeless, but hope anyway. You may think you are losing, but never, never surrender. Believe me you can win this battle. My family is living proof. You can not only win the battle, but together we will win the war! What a sight, an entire army of ex crack addicts and heir battle weary loved ones….a blessed people traveling out of the darkness into the light. Survivors all, moving towards the lives they have fought so hard to live.

This is my survival story……….yours is waiting to be written.