Friday, January 04, 2008

Grace & Consequences

Grace & Consequences...
The sooned we take FULL responsibility for our consequences from OUR smoking crack cocaine, the sooner we can really start the true journey to freedom.

It was so bad it is embarrassing to even tell myself. The memories now are the kinds that make you put your head in your hands and say in breathy sighs, “Oh my God”.

It was so bad I should have died. The physical abuse to myself was horrendous. The price I pay later in life I truly hope has some grace bestowed upon it.

It was so bad I ruined every relationship I ever had. I ruined my relationship with life. I ceased to exist. I was written off many times. Never to correct himself. A crack-head lifer earning a degree in crackology to become a crackologist.

It was so bad living in my car was Ok. That way no rent was due.

It was so bad...