Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Morning Crackheads!

What crack does to an individual is so pathetic.
Can you believe someone who has no more than 4 months clean can palgarize content from my website program and actually think they wrote it?! Unbelieveable. Well not really with crack cocaine. I watched a person go from helping to attacking and stealing. BUT hey w/crack what should I have expected. The evil and deception from this person is so sad to watch. But it matters not as long as you have us to attack crack and we will let "those who steal" pay the price from what comes to thieves, including crackhead thieves which is real easy to understand.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


From Forum:
This ministry is a spiritually supported detoxification format for the process of de-contaminating your body, soul and spirit from the possession of crackcocaine.

Feeling possessed by the crack-bite is the loneliest, darkest, sickest, most ugly gnawing and truly captivating all consuming demonic place to be.

Nothing gets in the way of crack cocaine once it has possession. Standard treatment does not address the extreme possession that does occur during crack cocaine use. From experiences and truths, we need to be careful if we treat crack cocaine just like any other drug. Crack cocaine does take you over and possess your body, soul and spirit. Crack cocaine goes as far as completely possessing and then destroying your body, soul and spirit.

AND we are here to deal with all this stuff...we will do it consistently and with conviction on how it should be done.

I have gotten rid of those who threat to "shut me down" and have gotten rid of 3 "undercover" crackheads lurking around waiting to cause trouble.

I am The Crack Conqueror...I cannot be denied the priviledge of destroying crack cocaine forever!

Watch out crack...we are coming for you!

The Crack Conqueror!

From Group:
I have gotten rid of those who not only want to but theatened to "shut me down"! I also found 3 "undercover" crackheads lurking and waiting to cause trouble. I have banned them and am denying them access to devilscandy.com website at all. They cannot even look at it as of yesterday.

I am sure they will attempt to "get back" in or at me....but I care not. When it comes to our websites and conquering crack...we are not to be messed with. In the last few weeks the enemy has really come at this ministry to attempt to "shut us down" or to keep me hopping away from the mission.

Once again a failed attempt. We are stronger than yesterday. I have really pissed the enemy off...again I care not.

We have God's permission and blessing on this mission that we did not want or choose...but God has a way of doing what HE wants and not us...and from that we have been blessed beyond my wildest crackhead vision.

Do not get me wrong...I am glad we are doing this...it is very horrible and wonderful within seconds of each other sometimes.

We have been given this ministry mission...and we have embraced it right from the beginning. Up until right now 7am 6/17/08 I was not sure of why all the attacks and why I kept going each time a set back came.

This morning I know that answer.
I am the voice against crack and for God.

Could not ask for much better...even though I did not ask.
How stupid of me was that! :)

Crackheads attack!


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

From the Forum to You

Good Morning Crackheads,
Because of all this "stuff" lately, I am exhausted...but a good exhausted. Nothing is like the crack-exhaustion.
I am going to do MY Freedom Forum posting from my blog. To SIMPLIFY things from the frantic mommie & crackhead son always changing episodes, it iwll be 2 for the price of 1. Today that is a good deal. A good deal? I thought this was a treatment center...."We are the Home Depot of treatment" :)
This post will be my first on my way to serious blogging against crack.
So Happy Crack Attacking!
We will see you here soon and often...
The Crack Conqueror DVC, CCR, 75913

Friday, May 30, 2008


Coming here to post an addiction website! How stupid is that. Oh yeah crack is just another addiction, right? Go ahead and go to meetings and call your sponsor and have that stop the demonic pull to smoke crack. Afterall that works, right? Why do stupid people keep trying to change what works. I know! Without the theory of addiction instilling the fear that "their way" is the way to stop crack! Ask a true blue professional crackhead (oops I mean crack-addicted person) what stops crack for them! I know you will NEVER hear them say, I just make that call or walk to a meeting. Yeah that'll really work to stop the enemy! The enemy? Crack is not the enemy. It is an addiction only....
Listen stupid people...in case you did not know I see stupid people....I have been given the gift of "seeing stupidity"...and the stupidity I see surrounding crack, is more than amazing. CRACK COCAINE IS THE DEVILSCANDY!
Oh it's not? Well then what is it really? I would like someone who has never smoked crack to answer that. You will find your answer on page 13, section 75 and the 913th word on the page. BUT before you go there...read Proverbs 12:1.
Oh there you go again Todd, preaching God again.
Well without God life sucks. Then when you add crack...life really sucks. But hey it must be really complicated to stop smoking crack. We have to remember all the people who need to get paid to stop crack...judges sentencing crackheads to 12 steps, the insurance backed "programs", the "addiction specialists" and all the rest of the network that believes all crackheads have bi-polar and have had some deep family issue along withn some brian mal-function that leads to crack.
Can't we crackheads all just get along. All crackheads want the "usual" programs to keep going because that will insure crackheads getting and continuing to get and smoke crack...and we really understand that they will have this "addiction" the rest of their lives.
Gloom and doom.
Can't stop.
My sponsor wasn't home.
Boo hoo stopping crack can't be that simple.
It must stay impossible...unless.............................

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Answer to 2 Questions

1st: I do not believe crack depletes brain cells. I believe it adds "stupid brain cells". I smoked crack everyday for 10 years and I still have most of my brain cells although some would disagree. :) I do notice some "physical" stuff from crack It affected my sight and hearing, but as far as "smart", I am still smart even after 10 years of crack. If such anger is present, I do not believe they are free...maybe stopped but such anger with freedom is a plan to smoke crack. Go listen to my show about "crack-anger". Crackheads with money go to jail, prison or die! Crackheads who can't get crack, pout, shout, argue, fight and use anger as a reason to go out again. The time associated with this anger has nothing to do with anything. Anger is being used as a means to be unhappy and that will lead to smoking crack because "things are so tough", QUOTE:"You just don't understand"!, Yeah I understand...you can't smoke crack! Boo-hoo. So if I can't smoke crack, I will make everyone else miserable. I do not believe they are "saved". I am very leery of the "phrase" used to say someone has turned their lives to God, instead we are "saved" yet our lives are still in a "pile of crap"? and this is what God had in mind? by saving us? I think not. So if a person is "saved" and yet act like an ass, is that being saved? and then what do you do?
Tell him to do our program and see if he is for real or not. I suspect he will get MORE angry when you try this and then you will see the truth.

2nd: I do nt belive crack causes "bi-polar". I believe the medical field does not know what to do with crackheads and are using the "symptoms" of a crackhead to say they have "bi-polar". In our ministry we have seen over the last 9 years about 75% of crackheads are diagnosed with "bi-polar". Rather than looking at the inside "spirituallity", it is immediately "bi-polar". I was told I have severe "bi-polar". Well what do you think? I have "bi-polar" because I smoked crack? No Todd you have "bi-polar" because all the things caused by crack are showing up as "bi-polar"! Hmmm?! If that is true then I have found the "CURE" for "bi-polar" and that is the DVC Ministry methods for crack cocaine and the bi-product is a cure for bi-polar. How cool is that! :)

I hope I have answered both questions to you satisfaction,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here We Go Again

Well now that our site is looking like the most powerful website in the world to attack crack cocaine. Of course those that are saying "attack crack"? what is that?
We know how to destroy crack forever. It will take a lot more than just meetings and a sponsor. Crack cocaine IS the devils candy. Do you think the enemy will just let us take the evil candy away that ruin lives and has a sweetness of deception so deep we cannot really see what crack is.
Oh well...crack is crack...sad but true!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

WOW! How cool is this!

Just like this Festival jam...when we persevere in FAITH...great things happen!

Congratulation Son. I knew you could do it. I am amazed at your growth over the last
75 days, and more amazed at my own. You have been an inspiration for many and this old man is among the many. I feel confident that the next 75 days will bring more growth and
inspiration. I am actually on your day one now, so let us continue in our growth together.

Thanks MiKe.

I love You


Thanks dad and I love you very much. I am very thankful that you have been a prt of this with me even though we are 2,000 miles apart.

I am really excited that you want to do the 2nd round with me. Im going to buy you one of the 75 Day DIYGTCF Books and send it to you, that way you can read it and the posts I make will make a little more sense as to whay I am focusing on certain things petaining to that day.

I know its hard for you but if you can try and listen to the daily radio shows to, they shed a lot on this whole thing and i know you would enjoy them.

I love you and am blessed to have you for my dad!!


Friday, January 04, 2008

Grace & Consequences

Grace & Consequences...
The sooned we take FULL responsibility for our consequences from OUR smoking crack cocaine, the sooner we can really start the true journey to freedom.

It was so bad it is embarrassing to even tell myself. The memories now are the kinds that make you put your head in your hands and say in breathy sighs, “Oh my God”.

It was so bad I should have died. The physical abuse to myself was horrendous. The price I pay later in life I truly hope has some grace bestowed upon it.

It was so bad I ruined every relationship I ever had. I ruined my relationship with life. I ceased to exist. I was written off many times. Never to correct himself. A crack-head lifer earning a degree in crackology to become a crackologist.

It was so bad living in my car was Ok. That way no rent was due.

It was so bad...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Most of the Time

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Most of the Time we do not take crack cocaine seriously. We make it to be just another drug. Crack LOVES this advantage. Crack LOVES to stay labeled as "just a drug". That way it can surround you and attack before you know what hit you. SO...because we now know this, why would we take that chance? I would suggest you take a chance on this ministry...the DVC Ministry...and quit thinking you know how to stop crack cocaine...if you did...you would not be reading this right now!