Friday, January 14, 2005

Crack-Head 101

I need money for….

Request: Lunch
Answer: No you don’t here is your sack lunch

Request: Gas
Answer: No you don’t I filled your tank

Request: Cigarettes
Answer: No you don’t here is a pack

Request: I got to pay the dealer back or he’ll kill me
Answer: not if you don’t go back there


Is it the devils candy?
We believe it is.

Here are:
13 Beliefs For Living Life CrackCocaine Free

1. We believe in each success, not every failure.
2. We believe we have made mistakes, collectively and individually.
3. We believe we all experience the “crack-trap” both mentally and emotionally.
4. We believe that when we stumble and falter, we get back up again and again.
5. We believe we do not know everything about crack-cocaine, but we know enough.
6. We believe we do not have the answer or answers, but will constantly seek for them.
7. We believe this is not just your problem because it becomes everyone’s problem.
8. We believe true support will come from faith in a power greater than the evil from crack-cocaine: we shall call this power GOD.
9. We believe a safe residence, having proper clothes to wear and eating decent food does matter.
10. We believe it is ‘my program’ and however ‘my program’ gets me to a crack-cocaine free life, is all ‘my program’ needs to accomplish.
11. We believe once ‘my program’ gets me to a crack-cocaine free life again, we must continue to update ‘my program’ and never believe it is completely over because the devil’s candy bit us once, and now we do know the truth.
12. We believe this journey to living our without crack-cocaine could be the most difficult life long journey we will ever have to travel.
13. We believe divine intervention is there for all of us who were possessed or still are possessed by the devil’s candy and believe faith in GOD triggers the power over crack-cocaine possession.

Nothing gets in the way of crackcocaine once it has possession. Standard treatment does not address the extreme possession that does occur during crackcocaine use. From experiences and truths, we need to be careful if we treat crackcocaine just like any other drug. Crackcocaine does take you over and possess your body, soul and spirit. Crackcocaine goes as far as completely possessing and then destroying your body, mind and spirit.
Giving in to the urges to smoke crackcocaine is such a vicious cycle controlled by powers that want nothing more than to possess and destroy all life, even by flying planes filled with people into buildings filled with more people.
The following example (Day 1) is set up to be a daily guide. To use a familiar phrase…we are going to look at this one day at a time. Each day will have one spiritual issue with a scripture to re-enforce along with a quip of the day. There will be more than one spiritual issue per day coming at you, but our focus is on how to accomplish one issue at a time. Each day away from crackcocaine brings us closer to being completely free from crack. With a true desire and the understanding of where this stuff is really coming from and its only mission to destroy; this understanding and desire will bring you the strength necessary for success. Our measure of success is in our 1st belief and to quote: We believe in each success, not every failure. Success is what you make of it. When contaminated, an hour can be great success.
I do suggest that when a fall, slip, relapse, or picking up again, or whatever term works for you…IMMEDIATELY get back up and go to where you LEFT off…and do it again and again and again until you get it right. Ultimately it always goes full circle…and remember…it took me 3 years AFTER I knew what I know now as my truth revealed to my soul as to what this stuff really is…it worked for me and will never penetrate me again…this is ONE thing I do know for sure about crack-cocaine… BUT do not worry…I am not ‘too’ confident…it is just when you do finally get how to do this…it is simple.


This day is the beginning of changing your current life. This is just the beginning.
Close your eyes and gently visualize the opposite of the madness that got you to try this method. Find the relax mode inside yourself. Breathe deep and slow and on one time of doing this hold it in for10 long seconds and force yourself to let it out VERY slow. Repeat this as often as necessary to keep as relaxed as possible under the circumstances.

~1 Corinthians 3:1,2~
And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ. 2 I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.

Quip of the day: Dear GOD, please help me become the person my dog thinks I am.
..there was a crack in my life, crackcocaine that is.
Crack: Treating Cocaine George Medzerian PH.D. Treatment programs have attempted to deal with this, not expanding the cookie cutter to include users and abusers, but by trying to classify all clients as if they are latter-stage alcohol addicts, using standard treatment methods developed for this group. This has not worked well. Now the field faces a need to develop alternative strategies to work with diverse types of addicts and to go beyond the generic treatment methods used with classic gamma alcoholics. It is time to face the challenge of treating the crack addict...the person, not the addiction. A clients total abstinence from drugs does not necessarily mean that the chemical dependency treatment has been successful. Successful recovery involves adequate functioning in daily life. Abstinence is a precursor to functionality, not a substitute for it. Don't impose a treatment on the client. Offer a choice of options. This gives the client a sense of control, even while under direction. Practice and believe in empathy. It is still the leading factor in productive therapeutic relationships. Not long ago, a film entitled "Disease Concept of Alcoholism" was routinely shown in treatment programs in the United States. In this film, a strong argument for the disease concept was presented by a physician who alluded to biochemical research on alcoholism. It was claimed that the brain of an alcoholic is different from that of a nonalcoholic. The alcoholic brain allegedly generates THIQs, which increase a person's compulsion to drink beverage alcohol. Even rats who hate to have a drink will crave booze when injected with these THIQs and THQs, by-products of alcohol metabolism. A frequent interpretation of this film by counselors is that it proves that the etiology of alcoholism is strictly biochemical, hence, is an uncontrollable disease in which the victim or society plays no role in development. This can be a counterproductive assumption because it minimizes the interactive social, cultural, psychological and developmental factors that contribute to the prevalence of a disease. My optimism for controlling this addiction may seem to contradict the Twelve-Step program belief that crack addicts are powerless over crack and alcoholics are powerless over alcohol. It does not conflict. Crack addicts are powerful over crack, but not their addiction to crack. By controlling their drugging, by learned abstinence, the addicts do have power over the addiction. This is the Twelve-Step approach, a Zen paradox: The best way to become strong over crack addiction is to allow yourself to be weak. The best way to become addiction free is to allow yourself to be an addict.
..there was a crack in my life, crackcocaine that is.
Agape Love by Marilyn R. Lyon I baked cakes, cookies and fudge and left them on the dinning room table as if Better Homes and Garden were coming over for dinner. I actually thought that maybe from the sight of them might trigger some inner desire for the good life and this crack-crap would disappear. Like a testimony to us. Or a reminder we are just normal people here. We are OK people. I moved through my day job behind a wall. I no longer felt connected to the world. Or at the very least, felt that if I were to get connected I would first need to confess. And I began to. From day one I felt it was my failure not his. So I tried not to say it out loud for a long time. By then it became a way of life. How could I not say it? I have a crack-head son and I have become addicted too! I struck out angrily against the smallest injustice on my part time job. I had endless heated emotional discussions on the most controversial subjects on every break. I joined two writer's groups and forced myself out the door three times a month. I was vehemently critical of those who wrote stuff about isn't life just too wonderfully simple for everyone. At Christmas that year I ate peanut-butter sandwiches and soup for a month so I could over-buy for Todd. I cooked three ducks for Christmas dinner which required days of hanging and basting with two different sauces while doing separate rubs and basting while cooking. My other son Scott took us out as a surprise one evening and bought the largest and most expensive tree in the store. I put up lights everywhere in the house. I made satin ribbons for the tree and bought color-coordinated decorations. See, we are just like Family Circle. I got his two guitars out of the pawnshop, with his money I was keeping. Some other guitars too much was owed on to get out of hock. The one I prized was an electric Gibson that I had purchased when he was only eight years old and already showing a lot of ability as a musician. It was now a collector's item. Todd emerged from his room Christmas morning scrubbed, perfumed, best dressed and full of loud happy spirits as everyone was arriving. I invited a female friend of many years to the family and her children over for Christmas weekend. He sat pale and quiet in a rocking chair all day, responding with restrained sadness, but a tinge of warmth when spoken to. Everyone was having a great time around him. We were all having a great time for Todd. I could have cast him in bronze sitting there, and it would not have changed anything. It did not change anything this Christmas day. I do not think I was angry or bitter that such surface things did not make everything better. In my heart I knew it was for me that I did it for. Busy work for me, grounding for me. There was so little I could do that I was not already doing. None of which was producing magic. I was looking for that old Todd. But he did not appear that long fall and winter. We were on a mad schedule of meetings and the brief trip into the land of experts on crack-heads and still no Todd. The family floated in and out looking somewhat stunned and inept. I often called on them. Do something. Talk to him! But I could see they were floundering in ignorance as much as I. My oldest son Scott felt he should be Todd's friend during this period of my hard tough love. I wanted him to be angrier, more insistent, more threatening, more everything.