Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Crack-Bite

When you are fully contaminated and in the midst of despair, anything or just something could help. Doing nothing won’t. Because it is so spiritually binding, I know it becomes a spiritual battle.

Even though you do not have to use, sometimes it seems like you do have to use…to stop the onslaught of this overpowering pull to smoke crack. It never lets up. It picks at all parts of your inner being. It is so quick and fast and sneaky before you know it, here it is again. The process has to be slowed down in order to have a chance to microscopically penetrate even a slight pin-prick of the evil crack stench bubble. If one’s confession to being a crack-head is completely revealing, including places (as in plural) where they buy crack, where they smoke crack and who they smoke it with or where they smoke it by themselves. By doing this it exposes all the places and people and all the lies. It won’t be an end all to end all, but it does mess up their pattern, and by doing so you might get an ever so small chance to plant a seed or another seed if you have already done so. Every crack-head has a smoking pattern. It starts way before the crackling sound fills the bubble and starts the journey to Crackville, USA.

Feeling possessed by the crack-bite is the loneliest, darkest, sickest, most ugly gnawing and truly captivating all consuming demonic place to be.

Yup...that is it!