Sunday, November 04, 2007

Must Be Easier to Smoke Crack than Donig Our Program Exactly

Hmmm...seems our program is too tough.
I have thought about fluffing it up but am not sure exactly what that would mean. Could mean we give in and crackheads are ultimately right. Even though they have never gone without crack for more than at least a year ? probably less... the answers are just flowing, for example: I have been clean again (after a close-killing-binge) for less than 25 days and I get to drive a vehicle. Even though it was stated how difficult it is on the job to be vehicle-less, this was from either boredom or someone not willing to assist in following this program exactly. "Those that do not support how (I) need to do this program must step back"...this means YES we might be bored and alone which again is going against this program.
CONCLUSION: The DVC Minsistry Program works to be free forever from the possession of crack cocaine...BUT it is way too difficult to do.
Hmmm...seems our program is to tough.
The CrackConqueror