Thursday, November 04, 2010


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tasiasmama said...

I have two blogs dealing with my past and present experiences as a recovering bi-polar ADD addict and thing I went through in the depths of my addiction. The websites are and I am looking for autors of blogs who write about addiction and recovery to check out my blogs and leave me helpful comments and possibly link me to their blogs if they find my experiences useful to their readers. Please take the time to see what I have to say. This are my true inner feelings and though at times they are hard to write they help me find myself and perhaps help another addict in the process.
Thank you for you time,

kick crack said...

Hi i am currently in a relationship with an crack addict have been for one year. He works a job and helps with the bills but the rest he smokes up in crack. I have put him out several times and we always reconcile because as i said he does help finacially. And he is fine until he gets some money!!!! And he only get paid once per month so the whole month he is sitting around going to work andd helping around the house. My question isif he can go..ALL MONTH without smoking crack why not when he gets paid..?and i found out he has been abusing crack since the 80's so he is no ameture.......!nd he always promises to quit!